The Hair Dilemma

I am in need of a haircut.  Badly.  Let's say that it was October the last time I went to the salon.  I think that's when it was, but I can't be exactly sure.  Here's the deal: I hate to spend money on a pricey haircut, but if I go to the cheaper salons, I never get it to look how I want, so I go to the pricier salon two or three times a year and just deal with the mess in between.

When I was little, I had the bowl haircut.  Short to the ears with bangs for as long as I can remember.  Round about second grade I got some control of it, my mother allowing me to grow the back of it out longer, but for a little while there it was a little bit mullet-like.  From probably the third grade on, it was long.  L-O-N-G.  You can do that when you are a kid, and into high school and college.  My mom wasn't really one of those mom's that likes to style their daughter's hair (hence the bowl), so I played around with ponytails and French braids.  I finally lost the bangs my sophomore year of high school, but for awhile gained a hair-flip tick that came along with too-long hair in my eyes that wasn't quite long enough to pin back yet.  (Oh, and the bangs themselves were a huge mass because I had taken to cutting them myself.)  It's a pretty picture, right?

Add into this that my hair is thick.  Very, very thick.  All of those cute little girls with those cute little barrettes and clips and bows?  They'd slide right out, or I couldn't clasp them.  I went from stick-straight hair to wavy hair as I got older, but not those beautiful Carrie Bradshaw waves.  More of a devil-may-care wave that is exacerbated by me sleeping on it wet.  And because of this, I don't like to style it.  I hate the blow dryer.  The curling iron is mostly useless.  I have a good relationship with my flat iron, but the longer my hair gets, the longer it takes to flatten it out, and I just don't have that much time anymore.

What I'm missing out on....Embroidered Owl Hair Clip by hairribbonboutique

Set of two sparkly siver iridescent hairpins by tinygalaxies
Smaller Sized Hair Barrette by northwestgoods
With an upcoming family wedding, I don't want to be the dud caught looking bad in any pictures, though I'm certainly not going to be leaping in front of any cameras.  I've got to get it cut in the next few weeks and am faced with a dilemma: how to cut?  For the past several weeks, er, months, I have been twisting my hair (now about 4 or 5 inches below my shoulder) up into a bun with two claw clips.  Off the face, off the neck.  With summer approaching slowly, I'm not sure if I want to keep it longer, maybe layered a little (no Farrah for me, thank you very much) or if I want to try something shorter (eeeeeeek!).  I also may brave the blunt bang again after a decade and a half without.  So I'm seeking out opinions: do you have a seasonal style?  Do you keep it long, short?  Is there such a thing a the mom haircut?  What in the world can I do with it so it won't drive me nuts?


  1. I'm so glad to hear someone with as much respect for their hair as me! I always get it cut the same now, angled and layered and long, and i have them thin the bagebus out of the super thickness in the back (so it air dyes faster). But I go so long between cuts that people only think that I have a new style at each semiannual cut. It's pretty standard, but it grows out well enough, since motherhood of impossibly messy kids: I've learned to never cut it too short for a pony tail.

  2. I was so scared of short hair for the longest and once I got it cut I have (almost)never grew it out! I am now since I'm in a wedding soon and don't want to be the only one with short hair! Go for layered, it's fun! That's how I have mine now.

  3. Thanks ladies! Melissa- same thing here: the last time I had it done, the stylist thinned it and then was like, um, I think I'm going to thin it again. Funny thing is, I wouldn't change the thickness, I'd just like it to be straight so I could eliminate the straightening part.

  4. Your hair sounds EXACTLY like mine! And I have followed a similar hair style pattern to you too!

    From being very long for years (as I HATE the hairdressers!) I decided to get a bob (jaw length , one length) with a side sweep fringe (bang?). This didn't work for me as I wear glasses so the fringe just looked odd and it was too short to tie up but too long to not get in my face - a pet hate!

    So I now have a super short crop which is great as it washes and dries quickly and my baby can't pull on it so easily! However, it looks really strange in the morning when I have slept in it and I have to wash it everyday to style it so it is still a pain.

    So my solution (sorry very long winded this!) to this would be keep it long, get it layered and occassionally maybe set it it curlers so you have a nice bouncy "do".

    Actually, I am probably not much help, as you can see I am yet to find my own hair nivada!


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