Hooray! Project (Just About, Almost) Complete

I am so excited to share our just about completed basement with you!  It was almost two months ago that I shared this post with you, waxing poetic about my new-found love of self-adhesive spackle tape (if you're new here, it's not as bad as it sounds), and now we have just about gotten it done.  Carpet was installed yesterday, after which we moved the washer and dryer to their new home and added a few small pieces of furniture.  Our current living room set is eventually going to go down there on the rec room side, but until we re-do our living room, we won't otherwise have anything to sit on, so right now we've just shuttled some of the mass pile of toys down there so the toddler has something to play with.  He was so thrilled with the carpet, he wouldn't come upstairs for lunch.

New double laundry sink (and Casey's new bath tub)

Folding table and hanging rack (and a spot for the toddler to sit)

Rec room

So now we just need to add doors on the utility closets and bring down the ironing board, which I can now leave standing up all the time, which I'm so excited about.  Not bad for a basement that started out completely unfinished!


  1. Oh wow! Completely unfinished to where you are now is huge! I can't wait to see how it looke with furniture.

  2. Wow indeed! It looks fabulous. Congratulations.

  3. Wow! How nice to have all that extra space, and I'm going to check out this self-adhesive spackle tape!

  4. Oh, you should...it is the best thing ever. I would marry it if I wasn't already.

  5. It looks absolutely incredible, what a lot of hard work!! Can't wait for my personal tour. :)

  6. I am SO jealous of your laundry room sink!!


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