The toddler and I, for the past week, have had what I can best describe as some kind of food posioning, though I can't prove that's what it was, but no one else got the "bug" so I'm going to assume that's what it was, and it was miserable.  The toddler has had pretty good energy through the whole thing, but his mama has not, and so there was a real lack of things getting done around here as I lay around trying to get better faster.

One thing I did manage to do during the sick week was a few loads of laundry (trust me- necessary).  However, I did wash one load and then forgot it was there for a day and a half, and had to re-run it with some soap just so it wouldn't be musty-smelling.  When I went to put it in the dryer- surprise!- there was another load already in it that I had forgotten about (see a theme here?).  As I folded up the dry laundry, I was missing one of the toddler's socks, which are usually corralled in a mesh laundry bag but because of the circumstances were loose, and just figured it had gotten left behind and was in the washing machine with the wet load, which it was. 

And so this got me thinking about socks.  You always hear the stories about people losing socks in the wash, the dryer eating them, etc., but (and I'm probably going to jinx myself now) I've never lost a sock.  I've had them get into separate washes, or find their way into pockets of other things in the wash, but I've never outright lost one and assumed the dryer ate it.  So I wondered where all the stories came from.  Do you lose socks?  Does your dryer eat them?  I'm not here to judge anyone if you do- I'm sure if you have more people in your family you are more likely to lose them- but I'm curious about this!

Lost Socks Fabric Basket by HandmadeByBette


  1. I have a mountain of 15 single socks in the back of my sock drawer that have lost their mate. :(
    I obviously have no idea where the lost socks go...It's quite sad actually.

  2. we have a lost sock box in the laundry room, I now attribute our casualties mostly to the sock stealing puppy, but to honest we had a problem before the puppy... When a special sock is missing I change the sheets and lift the couches, it usually shows up.

  3. I loose socks ALL THE TIME.

    Stephen Hawking has a theory that the heat and circular motion of a dryer actually causes a wormhole that socks go through, making them vanish from our part of time.

    I'd like him to figure out why it's only socks.

  4. Ha ha on the Stephen Hawking theory! I have a pile of socks in my laundry room patiently awaiting their partners. Every once in a while there's a happy reunion but for the most part, they wait.

  5. So funny. I lose socks all the time, especially toddler socks. I think it is that they get mixed into multiple loads and never find their way back to each other. We have a sad sock box too.

  6. I found a singleton sock just this morning...right in the nick of time before work. My black sock that had been single for so long finally was reunited with its match. :)

    Great to meet you through the Etsy Blog Team! :)
    I am a new follower/subscriber to your blog.

    Mary C. Nasser

  7. I hope you're feeling better! Stomach issues are never ever okay. And ya I have definitely lost single socks in my life. It's upsetting because my husband is the one in charge of the laundry :)


  8. I have enough unmatched socks to have a drawer to themselves. I don't know why I can't part with them...I just save them...hoping one day I will find the match! Maybe I'll make my daughter some sock puppets?

  9. I have a sock singles basket..they meet and mingle and apparently reproduce but somehow never a matching sock! Baby socks get washed out over the top of the washer tub and sluiced down the pipe. I have the same problem tossing singles because as soon as I do, the mate miraculously appears. I have had sox re-appear after the owner has totally outgrown them. My 8 yr old tosses his sock willy-nilly all over the house so his singles are explainable. I am very careful with my socks and probably have the largest ratio of lost socks! There is some sort of a conspiracy going on!

  10. My sock basket is full of socks waiting for their mate. Sadly, very few turn up again!

    Thanks for featuring my sock basket. Bette