I Lost Half of My Dog

Casey the poodle got a haircut yesterday (at least one of us did!) and now she looks like half the dog she used to be.  People will say to us over the months, "I think she's gotten bigger," but she's really just gotten hairier. (Hairyer? Neither of those look right.)  We cut her twice a year: right before summer so she will be cool and right before winter so she will grow out and stay warm. It takes awhile to get used to looking at her after her day at the groomers, but we think she turned out so cute this time.

A few days ago (the princess on her pillows)
She looks so good!

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  1. We have a standard poodle... when he's grown out he looks like he weighs 100 lbs., but it's really 50 lbs. of fur. HA! Casey looks adorable! Orangies Attic