Hi friends!

I am writing to you from a friend's house.  Our power has been knocked out by a freak Connecticut snow storm, and it looks like at least several days to come before it comes back on.  It is a disaster here.  The trees in our yard are wrecked and we have a lot of cleanup to do.  I will post the winner from the DeMoss giveaway as soon as I get back, and I have another great one to post.  I'll try and catch up on all my favorite blogs as soon as I can too!

Don't forget about me!


  1. Oh no! Glad you are okay! Good luck and I won't forget about you! : )

  2. Hang in there! Hope the power comes back on sooner than expected! Take care of yourself!

    ~ Sarah

  3. I'm up near Boston and though we weren't affected I know many that were. I hope you're doing alright and will keep my fingers crossed that you'll get power back soon. New England Snow in October - it can happen but was so unexpected!

  4. Hang in there! We won't forget about you don't worry:)

  5. so many people are out of power here, I am so sorry you're one of them! I hope it comes back sooner than they are saying it will... stay warm!

    -rachel w k

  6. Don't worry, we'll all be back! I was actually wondering why you hadn't been on the EBT threads...

    Good luck with the cleanup and stay warm!