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Ok, so I have just been enlighted on this crafting super store called the Hobby Lobby.

Now, I have seen this store mentioned on several of the blogs I follow, and they are all by people who live in other parts of the country from me, so I just assumed it was a regional store, kind of how there are different grocery stores or restaurants in different areas.

But yesterday I got to talking with Traci from Luci Rae (remember Traci?) about a comment I left on her post where she was talking about thrifting at Goodwill for a dress for a costume and then there was a Joann's right next door for extra supplies (read here).  I commented that we have a Joann's next to our Salvation Army, but Goodwill was across the street.  So she wrote back and said that if there was a Hobby Lobby there, too, she'd never leave the area.  I wrote her to say that sadly, we don't have a Hobby Lobby around here, at which she wrote back and told me I should pack up the car and find one (this was quite an involved exchange over this small detail).  So for fun I googled Hobby Lobby to see just where the heck these things are.

Well folks, apparently you all have one near you.  They are in every state but Oregon, Delaware, and every New England state but New Hampshire.  Now, I know our states are small, but even a drive from Connecticut to Manchester, New Hampshire is no quick trip.  I looked at the store tour, and I have to say that just the size of the place seems incredible.  It looks to me like a Joann's, a Michael's, and an A.C. Moore cram-jammed together in one awesome crafting store.  Is that what it's like??

If you have a Hobby Lobby near you, fill me in!  I want to hear all about this place I'm missing out on.


  1. I too have heard the legend. Might be worth a day trip if you've got a bunch of $ burning a hole in your wallet :)
    Do they have a fabric department?

  2. Yes! And it's right next to the needlecraft section, my first love, and across from the scrapbooking section, which I'm sure is filled with great paper! Maybe in 5 years when I have some $$ hanging around I'll go! :)

  3. here in Maine we do not... which is odd, that a large chain like that has stayed out of New England except NH, sounds cool though. There are random hobby shops here, but they are full of model cars, and remote control airplanes. they boast 495 stores in 40 states. That is impressive.

  4. What?? You don't have a Hobby Lobby near you?!? That is a tragedy! Hobby Lobby is my favorite store, hands down. In my opinion Joann's and Michael's pale in comparison. HL always has great sales that rotate, so if what you need isn't on sale, just wait until next week (I'm a major bargain shopper)! And their clearance section is almost always full of great things at awesome prices! You can shop online, but it's not quite the same. Definitely worth a trip, I would say. :)

  5. I love Hobby Lobby, or even JoAnns, Michaels or Goodwill or Salvation Army. Don't get to visit too often as its a good three hour drive and over a mountain pass to get to one. We do have a Walmart with a crappy craft section and one small fabric store that caters to quilters with a little other fabric.

  6. Oh my goodness Kristen this cracks me up! I am still so sad for you that you have never had the pleasure of experiencing a Hobby Lobby!! Liz hit the nail on the head. They have the BEST sales. On fabric, home decor, crafts. You name it. Literally EVERYTHING goes on 50% off at some point. I once bought 20 decorative knobs just cause they were 50% off. Each knob only cost me $3!! And they are WAY cuter then any other ones I have seen. It is definitely worth a trip I promise!

  7. i hate hobby lobby. its unorganized and cheap looking lol. the one we went to when I was 10 just had stuff for model cars/planes and i would buy little embroidery things there. that was it though, and thats all it will be to me haha

    -rachel w k

  8. I try to only go when I have a coupon and something specific to buy! Ours is also across the street from Goodwill :). I've also got a Michaels' really close, but have to drive to the next city to get to Joann, which is where I buy most supplies.

  9. They are also very generous with their fabric cutting! At Joann's they are very precise, but at Hobby Lobby we always get a little extra :)


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