Pinterest: I Tried It (Bread Tie Tape End)

Welcome Pinners and friends!  If you've tried something from one of your pinboards this week and blogged about it, you can link up your post at the bottom of this one.  I really love to see what you come up with and how you interpret your pins.

I will fully admit that this week's try-it will seem like a cop-out.  It's not; but it was kind of an accident.  I have been so busy this week, I basically forgot to plan on something.  Not good.  The whole point of this endeavor is to plan ahead to make sure I am trying out the neat-o things I pin instead of just looking at them, saying, "Oh, maybe one day..."

But, you know how life goes and this week, it just got overlooked.  Fortunately for me, I remembered that I actually did do something from one of my boards- this, from my Things To Try board:

I was using my packing tape to seal a few outgoing packages, and I always make a little triangle in the end of the tape so I can find it again the next time.  Easy, but then I always have a loose triangle-corner stuck to my package.  And I remembered this photo, and I just so happened to have saved a few of those bread ties just in case I got around to this, and so I attached one to the end of the packing tape roll.  Success!  When I needed it a few days later, no looking for the triangle because I had this big 'ol plastic thing stuck to it.  The only problem: the tape stuck pretty well to the plastic so I had to fiddle with getting it off without wrinkling the tape.  Maybe it's better with masking tape, like it shows above, but it works pretty darn well regarless.

So how about you?  How were your pinning experiments this week?  Link up below or leave a comment!  And remember- same time next week!  I had a lot of fun trying this one out and may stick to the sewing board for a little while.

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  1. Still a good idea! Easy projects are the best! :)

  2. That's my kind of Pinterest project! I am glad to hear it actually works. :)

  3. I haven't tried anything yet, but I had to drop in to say what a great idea for tape!! Having broken yet another nail today trying to scrape at the packing tape, I am happy to benefit from your pinterest things to try!

  4. i saw that on your board and thought it looked like a great idea! I can see how this may work best with masking tape though :-\ there needs to be a better solution to the duct tape, that's the worst of them all!

    -rachel w k

  5. What a great idea for a link party! I've found that I have been doing so much more cooking at home since I found Pinterest... I've made about 25 new recipes in the past couple of months! I think I need to share some of them on my blog soon!

  6. For bigger rolls of tape, try custom cutting a piece of plastic from the lids of butter tubs or sour cream, etc. Round the corners for safety; use any shape such as round, triangle, square, etc. ♥ x0x LL