Weekend Plans

We woke up to frost this morning, and light snow over the weekend is likely.  How did that happen already?  It was warm and humid into the beginning of October, and then suddenly, 40 degrees and cold.  We're just sliding right into winter.

Anyway, it got me thinking about what we'll do this weekend, since it's kind of miserable to go outside.  Friday nights have turned into movie-date-night, in which the hubs and I watch a movie that we got (free!) from the library once we've put Gus to bed.  It's sort of mandatory relaxation time for us and we're still plowing through our bedroom and bathroom reno.  I make popcorn (the real kind, from the kernels) and we sit in our newly remodeled basement (since the living room now houses the bedroom furniture) and enjoy the show.  On tap for tonight: Dinner for Schmucks, which we've both heard is very funny.  Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd- has to be somewhat good, right?

The hubs will be working on the bathroom tile, which has become a long on-going project.  I'm going to try and get some sewing done and get some new paper items listed, and hopefully we'll just have a nice relaxing weekend.

What's everyone got planned for their weekend?  Sack races anyone?


  1. that sounds like a perfect weekend to me. we love house projects (even when they do hit bumps and become longer than expected). it's always so rewarding when it's done!!!

  2. LOL Kristen. I love your funnies on friday and that one is hysterical.

    not much planned. my neighborhood famous steak and cheese subs, probably with the neighbors if they wander over. tomorrow, neighbor costume party. work in the office, work around the house. that's about it.

  3. i need to start renting movies from the library again--cheaper than netflix:) i hope the movie was good. that sack racking pictures is hilarious!


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