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Welcome Pinners and friends!  If you've tried something from one of your pinboards this week and blogged about it, you can link up your post at the bottom of this one.  I really love to see what you come up with and how you interpret your pins.

This week's try-it comes out of necessity: our big boy has started preschool.  Our Gus is still only in his two's, and I never thought I'd be that parent who would sent my very small child to school so early.  However, thinking about it now, when I was growing up, I had a lot of cousins around me all the time, like extra brothers and sisters (or surrogate brothers and sisters, since I don't have any of my own).  My mom and her three siblings all live in the same town, and our grandmother's house was a congregation area on Saturday nights.  We'd play and fight and have a general good time with each other, like built-in friends you had to like because you were family.  Gus doesn't have that.  We don't live that close to all those cousins now, but none of them have kids yet anyway.  Our neighborhood has lots of kids, but they are all several years older.  We do programs at the library, but 30 minutes once a week doesn't really amount to too much.  So, when I saw the sign outside one of the local churches stating that they had a 2's class, we had to check it out, mainly for Gus to have some solid interaction with other people his age.

So then after you register, you worry and fret and discuss whether he's actually going to like it and will he stay there, or will he freak out and scream and cry?  Very fortunately for us, Gus loves school.  He loves wearing his backpack, he loves his teachers, he loves playing with all those toys.  He's a little wary right when we walk in the door, but he's distractable and I can slip out the door, and then he's fine.  He's really a pretty great kid.

Anyway, sending your two-year-old to school means putting a label in everything, since he may or may not know what belongs to him.  Thus begins the label search.  If you've ever heard of Mabel's Labels, they are like the Mercedes of iron-in labels.  Everyone uses them.  So I decided to look them up.  $25+ for 50 labels.  What????  I don't think so.  Luckily, I had also found this tutorial and pinned about two days before that:

You get fabric iron-on transfers and some ribbon or muslin and make you own right in your home on your own humble little printer.  $7.48 for a pack of 6 at Walmart, plus $1.11 for 3 yards of twill tape.  Do you know how many labels I can make for that?  These are super easy to make, as long as you follow the directions that come with the transfers (and the tutorial is awesome with all its steps).  Each label I made is about 2 inches long, and granted, I have to sew them into his clothes, but I can do it just like in the tutorial with a little "x", and then it's removable.  Love it!

In the office supply section at Walmart

Make sure to print it backwards!

Now I just need to practice ironing them on straight. 
Plus, make sure there's no goop on the iron, like there was with this one.  Oops!

That will sew in nicely!

So how about you?  How were your pinning experiments this week?  Link up below or leave a comment!  And remember- same time next week!  I had a lot of fun trying this one out and may stick to the sewing board for a little while.

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  1. Great idea! Linked up today, but I'm not on my computer so I couldn't grab a button.

  2. i didnt know your little man was at a preschool! How awesome that he enjoys it, and what a cute picture... that backpack is as big as he is! Please for all teachers sake also label his rain boots and his snow boots... you know 6 girls in one class will each have those hello kitty rainboots from target and it drove me crazy lol. Love your labels, you can sew in bythebook labels in your wallets and things!

    -rachel w k

  3. Those are great! I love the ribbon ones and they would be good for handmade items too. Good job!


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