I have previously mentioned how we do not watch television in our house, how when we moved we opted not to pay $75 a month for cable that we weren't watching, how we didn't miss it once it was gone because we were too busy doing other things.  Well.

A few months ago we started doing a Friday movie "date" night, where we watch one movie picked out from the library, which has a very good selection.  It was sort of a mandatory self-imposed relaxation time, a break from all the work on the house and the kids, etc.  Well, when we plugged the tv in to hook up the DVD player, we realized that we get about 15 channels through the cable line (we have cable Internet), mostly the major networks and local programming.  We have them, but we never watch them.  Until....

Gus is very active.  He's a busy bee all the time, and he absorbs everything.  We had shown him some videos on YouTube (trucks, machinery, old Sesame Street skits we knew and loved (pinball, anyone?)), but he'd never been particu;ary interested in television when we've been to other houses.  Until...

We were at my parents' house and the fun game has always been, "Grandpa, turn the tv on."  And, "Grandpa, turn the tv off," about 30 seconds later.  Over and done.  But a couple of weeks ago Curious George was on, and there sat Gus, completely mesmerized for the entire show.  The hubs and I had discussed starting him watching Sesame Street because that can be such a good show for kids, but we hadn't acted on it, not sure if we wanted to let him start watching tv.

So we caved.  For a blissful hour a day, we get a little break from Gus, who sits transfixed with Elmo and the gang on Sesame Street or with Buddy from Dinosaur Train and Curious George.  One hour (and no more, no matter how tempting) of quiet (well, other than when Greta is crying for food) and he's happy and learning something while he's watching.

And funny enough, look who showed up at our house at Christmas before we even turned the tv on:

Elmo and Buddy (and the beloved Funny Bunny, who, if he's ever lost, we are sunk)


  1. one hour of sesame street is probably a good thing for you and him.


  2. This post made me chuckle a little because we're doing the opposite! We've been spending less time in front of the tv and more time reading. You must be taking our tv hours we've been giving up! And a little Sesame Street can't be that bad! :)

  3. Cute! And yes, elmo and buddy are great helpers for the very high energetic little ones...And, my daughters watch (some) TV. My 6 year old read at a 4th grade level, and my 4 year old already writes 3 letter words. So, I don't think that (a little and monitored) TV has hurt them. I hope that eases your mind a little! It was a worry that I had too. : ) Enjoy the break!