Humor and a Winner!

Thanks to all who left happy birthday wishes last week and for entering the giveaway!  After counting up all of the entries, Mr. Random chose number 11, which means that Heidi is the winner!  Congratulations!!

Ok, now it's time for some end of the week humor!  Some of my favorites this week, which happen to coincide with some of my posts:

Cocktail party awkwardness.  Coincidentally, we are invited to a football viewing party with these same people on Sunday.  Unless that's code for ball gowns, I think I'll be ok.  Wish me luck.  (source)

We are only on step 6.  (source)

Happy Friday!


  1. I was totally that teenager. Awkward well into my 20s.

    Have fun at your football party! We'll be watching, too, even though none of my teams are left.

  2. Tell Heidi to give me her prize, alright thaaaaaaanks

  3. congrats to heidi.

    best of luck to you at the party. i think you'll do just fine this time. wear a sports jersey and you'll be good to go.

    the dog rules cracks me up!

    said to lucan yesterday as he came running in the door, across the living and bounding on the futon (read 'his futon'), 'You know not everydog just gets to run across the room and jump on the furniture you know.' however, the one place he isn't allowed is the couch in our lounge.......though he did try recently when my sister was on it. how can you be mad,he was just looking for love.

  4. I love the comic about girl haircuts. THIS IS SO TRUE! I got about 10 inches off my hair when I turned 21 (like a right of passage of something...) and hated it. 4 years later my hair to the middle of my back. Never again.

    And the dog rules are awesome! I am sharing this on my fb page. I think me and my husband are on step...7, with our black lab and siberian husky we are very warm and very crowded.

    I'm a new follower of your blog, found ya on the Etsy Tradeaholics page :)