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Before I start, let me just say that I think I should be locked in a room with no electronics and no liquid.  After the laptop incident, you'd think I'd have learned, but last night when going up to bed I had a lot of things in my hands and as I was putting stuff down, my cell phone slid out of my hands and right into the water glass on my nightstand.  It couldn't have gone in any smoother- bloop!  It was working ok last night but this morning- dead.  So I pulled a hubs and realized that the SIM card can go into other phones and that we had another phone (not one I like, it never tells me when it's got a low battery) so I popped the card into the phone and I'm good to go.  But still.  Really???

Anyway....what I was going to say today is that I have gotten the chance to read a lot of New Year's goals and resolutions blog posts and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all.  It's so interesting to me to see what each different person plans for themselves and wants to accomplish this year.  A common theme: bringing back hand-written correspondence.  I love the idea of this.  I have written so many thank you notes for wedding, babies, and so on, and it's nice to get those, but it's also nice to just get a note or card that lets you know that someone is thinking of you.  In the age of e-mail and texting, hand-written notes are getting lost.  Plus, I just love note cards and stationery.  I have a ton.

However, I've definitely let the ball drop on this.  Like I said, I am all over the thank you note, but as far as other occasions I am totally forgetful, and I hate to say that I sometimes cannot even remember to send an e-mail.  And so to that end I've decided to start sending cards for birthdays and holidays and for just because, because it's nice to hopefully brighten someone's day.  This one is on its way to my cousin's wife, whose birthday is tomorrow:

I'm also joining up with Patti at Easton Place Designs for her Valentine's Day card swap.  Anyone is invited to join in- all you have to do is send her your info and she'll match you up with a partner!  (And you should check out her blog, too, which feature her cute card designs!)  She's also going to start sending out one note a week to anyone who'd like to receive one.  Allison at Little Bunny Sue Sue is also sending out a note a month to friends and family.  I think this is a great goal to have for the coming year, and I kind of like the idea of mailing it forward: if someone sends you a note, maybe think to send a note to someone else and brighten their day.

Is anyone else doing a card swap or have intentions of hand-writing more notes?  I know where you can get some really cute cards!


  1. I love the idea of a card swap! Sending hand written notes and cards is becoming a lost art.

  2. Sorry about the phone-dive :( Happens to the best of us.
    Thank you for participating in my card swap! And thank you for sharing the info here on your blog. Everyone likes getting "real mail", right?!!

    Hope you have a fabulous week.

  3. Oh no! Put your old phone in a bowl of rice - it really works!

  4. My phone has had a dip in the potty, I had success putting in in a bowl of rice for a day or two, to wick the water out.

  5. That is always so frustrating! Love the card swap idea!

  6. Love that so many I know are getting back into mailing letters. My "social experiment" that I wrote about today will deal with letters... I have a feeling you may like to join in! ;) And I'm going to do the card swap too! P.S.

  7. My BFF has dropped her phone into not one, but two glasses of water. So at least you're ahead of her! :-)

    I agree about handwritten correspondence. Whenever I have to mail something to a friend or family member, I try to remember a little note of some kind. I'm definitely checking out that card swap!


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