Fab Finds

I have taken to perusing Etsy lately while I am sitting and feeding Greta or, my new favorite thing, looking for supplies (why wasn't I doing that earlier??), and in doing so have come across a lot of fun and interesting things, so I decided to share a few with you.

Green Bean Toys.  Gus would go crazy over this tractor.  And the helicopter.  And the train.

Hubs was on the hunt for beef jerky this week, so naturally we checked out Etsy.
PaPabears Jerky looks pretty good.

Lovely stamped items from Simply Sweet Studio like this vintage sugar spoon.

This incredible sampler of baker's twine from Hobbies from the Heart

And this amazing magnetic wooden map of the USA by PipeDreams2010.  Incredible!

Found anything good while searching the Internet this week?


  1. That map is awesome! I checked out the shop and they have a lot of other neat stuff, too.

  2. These are awesome finds! Agree with Paige, that map rocks.

  3. i bought that supply of twine... its great and such a great deal!!!

  4. I want that wooden map! Gorgeous! And, it would be perfect for when I have little ones one day!

    Happy Tuesday!