Hubs Rules

I had another post planned today, but last night hubby finished a project he's been working on for us and I had to share.  The title will prove to be cheesy, but I really don't care.

I'm sure you've seen some form of this on Pinterest at some point:

Such a fun idea for a growth chart.  We have a small strip of wall between the fireplace and the mudroom door where we had been marking the kids' heights- the same place the previous owners had done.  I showed this ruler idea to the hubs, and he thought it was a neat idea, so I set off to find one.  I found an Etsy seller who would have been able to make it narrow enough for us, but then hubby decided he wanted to make it himself.

Last night he hung up the final product:

He even added in the metal edge.

We plan to order some hand-stamped metal discs with the kids' heights on them and nail them into the board at the right mark.  I think it looks incredible!


  1. LOVE. I actually like your thin version better! :-)

    I have not been making many things from Pinterest, just pinning like a fool. Making some Christmas decor is on deck for this week, though, so hopefully I'll have some fun to report soon!

  2. I love the idea of using nails! So rustic!

  3. I really love this! (And I even like your cheesy title, because I'm cheesy like that. lol)

    I haven't been making much from Pinterest lately, but I sure do keep adding to the pinboards!


  4. I totally did a Pinterest version of this too! Yours looks stinkin cute. High five for the hubs! However, if he had been out of town I have total faith you could have done it;)

  5. i have not seen that idea. not sure how i was missing it. way cute.

  6. I LOVE the idea of hand stamped metal discs. That's FABULOUS!!! I'm totally doing this when we move into our own place.