There's a Hole in My Kitchen

Happy Monday! Sorry to have been missing most of last week!  We were busy trying to get things done in the kitchen and made some really good progress. 

Let me say it now: painting your kitchen cabinets is not a hard job or nearly as complicated as it's often made out to be, but it is a royal pain in the butt that is taking forever.  Sneaking out time to paint all 31 doors and 9 drawers has been a challenge with two small kids running around.  Another complication: Greta is a grabber and a dumper.  Proof:

 my fabric piles, unpiled

All of our cabinets have been standing open to this point (remember?) and while I did eventually get used to it, I could not get used to Greta emptying them all multiple times a day.  The priority became getting all the bottom doors done first.  I got those painted last weekend, so those got hung up this week, and we used an ingenious method to keep her out:

We have those fancy-schmancy cabinet locks, but going from handles to knobs makes them a lot harder to get open, so rubber bands it is!  We're very high-tech.

I also tackled the last bit of the disgusting peach paint that was all over the house.  The wall is now the coffee-and-cream color we picked out for all the common spaces (Sandstone Cove by Behr).

 crisp and clean!

Finally, we ordered the last huge expense of our house reno- the granite counter top.  After researching a few options we found a place that could do granite the cheapest of anything else, so we decided to go with them.  We picked out our slab and they are coming to measure it in just a little while.  In the meantime I am left with this:

Because we hadn't planned to buy a new sink, we had to remove ours to give to the guys coming today so they can cut it out properly and attach it to the new counter.  Um....

So we have plenty of paper goods to tide us over for the next week.  Yes, week.  One week without a kitchen sink.  This is going to be interesting.

Anyone else put a hole in their kitchen lately?


  1. Oh it's coming along nicely! Redoing the kitchen is a major inconvenience in many ways. It seems like you folks do have some ingenious systems going on. Good luck in dealing with the kitchen sink hole this week!

  2. It's going to be beautiful! Hang in there. Luci is a dumper as well. It's awesome:/. Don't worry, all great projects start with a disaster, and I'm pretty sure our children will stop dumping things by at least age 18 right! Right!?

  3. Oh my! But I bet in one week it won't even matter! You'll be so thrilled with your new kitchen! I love a gorgeous kitchen, it makes me want to cook all day!

  4. oh my gosh. love this post lady! haha.

  5. Kitchen remodels can sure be an inconvenience but they are so amazing afterward! We were out of our kitchen for MONTHS! But the results - wonderful!

    I hear you on the cabinet painting. I decided to refinish the built-ins in my daughter's room and the shared bath when my son left for college. I had no idea how time consuming it would be to paint all those cabinet doors and drawers! Again, I love the outcome, so it was worth it!

  6. Oh the joys of being a child when grabbing & dumping is just honest fun...Hooray for rubber bands to keep mom's sanity! You're making great progress with the kitchen. I wanted to paint the whole house over the summer, but we just didn't get to it. I can't imagine a week without my kitchen sink - good luck!

  7. I'm so excited to see this room! You've made a ton of progress, especially if you have to keep running after your little dumper. I'm impressed! We're working on our kitchen next year, going the white cabinet route, too! The room only has 1 window, and even when it's sunny it's never that bright in there. Need something to bounce the light around.

  8. I've been there. You can do it. There is always the bathroom sink. And yes, paper goods and sandwiches for supper.

    Looking good girl....LOVE your plant window. So sweet!

  9. You are my hero. I've been complaining about wallpaper and wall paint, and you have no kitchen sink for a week! It's all looking great though hole and all!!!! I love it!


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