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30 Random Acts of Kindness

The reviews on this product are hilarious.

I'm giving away a custom hoop over here.  There's some other cool stuff up for grabs too.

Betsy's post is great, and the comments are awesome food for thought.

An ode to David Beckham's tailor.

Cats vs. Blinds.

Awesomeness Around the World.

Simplify Your Life.

What have you been loving lately?


  1. Those are some wonderful links and I am off to check them all out! xxx

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  3. Funny story: I wrote my comment to Heidi on your blog. Hilarious and totally my fault for keeping too many blogs open at once.

    Anyway.. I thought the cats with blinds was HILARIOUS. When I had my cat he would sit in the window too and I would just push his fat that would seep out of the blinds. He usually ignored me.