Good Reads: July

Another book post!  I've been reading a lot this month and I wanted to share before the list got too long, and since it's the last day of the month already (!!!), I figured I'd better get it posted.  This month's roundup of books has kept me completely engaged and I actually remember what it's like to lose myself in a story and walk around in a book-fog, which hasn't happened in a long time.
What Alice Forgot

This month's book club pick, I could not put it down.  The story of a suburban mom who wakes up on the floor of her gym thinking she's 29 and pregnant with her first child, only to find out she's actually 39 and at a completely different stage of life.  I read this in two days (thank you to my loving husband who had the kids out in the yard all weekend), totally engrossed in the weaving, twisting stories.  Highly recommend.  I just started another one by the same author, The Husband's Secret.
Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant

This fantastic collection of essays by well-known authors about a memorable experience eating and/or dining alone made me think about my favorite go-to alone foods during those times I spent cooking for just myself.  I think I'll write a post on it at some point.  If you enjoy nonfiction and food writing and observing people then this is a great choice.

The premise of this book is really clever- a young man hired to monitor company email ends up falling for one of the people he monitors just from reading her email.  A very witty story about post-college life, this was a quick read and would be great for the beach or an airplane- not that the story was forgettable, just that it goes fast.  The only thing that bugged me was that for all the cleverness throughout the book, the ending was a little sappy.  I also read Eleanor & Park by the same author, which turned out to be YA but also very good, and I have Fangirl lined up plus Landline on hold, so I suppose I would just recommend this author.

This actually reminded me a lot of What Alice Forgot in that it deals with snippy private school parents, and it turned out to be a really interesting story.  Bernadette is an infamous architect who has developed severe social anxiety and disappears one night.  The narrative is mostly told through emails, messages, texts, and official reports.  It took me a bit to get into it but it was a really interesting story.  I get to pick the next book club book for my group, and this one is going to be it.  I grabbed This One is Mine by the same author but haven't gotten into it yet.

I'm always looking for recommendations- what have you been reading lately?


  1. Just added these to my kindle wish list and bought Attachments (it was $1.99!), so I'll have something to read when I finish Flight Behavior. Almost done and it's getting really good, so I'm flying through it. We're going to go get new library cards this weekend, so I'll have to keep my eye out for some of these books too.

  2. Allison ClementsJuly 31, 2014 at 3:46 PM

    Oh sweet. I did a book list a little while ago and I'm always looking for more. These look like they would be fun. Thanks for sharing!
    Allison over at

  3. "Attachments" is my favorite Rainbow Rowell novel! I love it. The only one of hers I haven't read is "Fangirl." "Eleanor & Park" was the first one I read, but it is actually my least favorite! I guess I'm not a huge sucker for the Romeo and Juliet-type stories. Anyway, the collection of essays sounds really interesting! I might have to add that one to my TBR pile. And this month, my book club went out on a limb. At random, we picked "Notorious 92: The most infamous murder from each of Indiana's 92 counties." It's interesting, thus far, though (for obvious reasons) a bit gruesome. Not exactly good bedtime reading, haha.