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A few nights ago, we watched the movie Her, which was very interesting and seemingly set in the future, where technology plays an even bigger role in people's everyday lives than it does now.  (There was a mention as to how books are rarely printed anymore.)  However, the aesthetic of the sets and costumes had a very 1960s-meets-modern color-blocking look to it.  (If you haven't seen the film, I'm sorry if that makes no sense.  If you have, does that make sense?)  Anyway, I was commenting to my husband how nice everyone looked- covered up, nicely styled, no wacky body-altering things like mint green hair- and I mentioned how it would be nice to see more people take more of an interest in classic style, where men wore suits and women wore tailored skirts and dresses.  Not that I want to be wearing a dress all the time- it just fit with the conversation- but there was an air of pride way back when in pulling yourself together to look nice in public.  So I decided to go in search of some modern men putting together a classic look, yet totally up-to-date with the times.  You don't mind some eye candy on a Monday, do you?

Can I get an amen for tailored pants?  And actually, tailored, close-fitting everything?  There is something about clothes that actually fit that just pulls the whole look together.  The same style would not work with baggy pants or an oversized shirt.  And let's not forget accessories:

(Note: when searching for modern, hipster-style yet classic-looking men, you will find there are a lot of dark-haired, bearded, tattooed men smoking cigarettes.  Actually, just dark-haired men in general.  Apparently there aren't many blonde hipsters.)

If you're looking to find a gift for your modern man, may I suggest the following:
beauty and the biker (this is by far one of the best product descriptions I've read)

You can't go wrong with classic elements and an overall look of care and consideration as to what you're putting out there to the masses.

What's your favorite man style?  Anyone else want to see people more dressed up, or do you prefer a more casual, dressed-down approach?


  1. Yup, love these looks. I prefer the more casual ones-- super dark jeans or nice fitted cotton pants with a rolled sleeve shirt, or a sweater instead of a suit. The suits are too much for me. However, the looks in picture one and two are exactly what I like. And shoes make all the difference. Andrew used to wear shirts that were a size too big. I think he thought it made him look bigger because he's not a big guy. I put an end to that by our senior year of college when he realized that I was right-- nicely fitted clothing makes you look a hell of a lot better. And he finally caved to my shoe suggestions this past fall when he needed new work shoes. They totally made his outfits a thousand times better. He is so used to just buying what is cheap from Nordstrom Rack or DSW. I finally convinced him that it's ok to buy the $100 pair of stylish shoes if you're wearing them almost every day anyway.

  2. Shoes make such a huge difference! There are some really sleek styles that look super nice casual or dressed up. I love the saddle shoes in the 6th picture down. I'm not huge on suits but I loved the clean styling of it, and if you're going to have to wear a suit then you might as well do it right. We have a hard time finding clothes that fit well since the husband isn't a big guy either. Tailored fit shirts, especially in a small size are hard to come by!

  3. Lucky! I really love the mix of the neutrals and subtle prints, the addition of 50's and 60's elements styled in a new way, and the overall crisp look. It is very European looking- although I think they go for more color!

  4. I love these looks. The significant other used to dress like this in college (save for the bow ties), and it was wonderful. I have a few friends now that dress like this, too, and they look stunning. (Look up Jonathan Frey on Instagram.) I'm a sucker for tailored clothes, herringbone, and jackets worn over a pair of dark jeans. Oh, and shoes. I kind of love it when a man's shoes are more admirable than mine. The last photo is probably my favorite look, but the one above it? Said significant other bought a trilby when we were in Toronto a couple years ago, and he wore it the rest of the trip. :)

  5. There is nothing like nice-fitting clothes, and I totally agree about the shoes. Men's shoes have so much character, and they look so comfortable.


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