TGIF: Pinterest-Style.

My fiend Paige often rounds out the week with Pinterest Picks, a wrap-up of particularly pleasing Pinterest finds.  Yesterday I asked her if she had written her post yet, that I was thinking of doing one, but didn't want to overlap her choices.  Our tastes are very, very, very similar so it wouldn't be out of the question for us to pick the same things to share.  Her post is already done as I'm writing this, so I'll be interested to see if we did indeed pick anything the same.

One of my favorite things about Pinterest is the amount of recipes there are!  I cook all the time, and I get bored making the same old things, so variety is good.  Since it's morning, how about we start with some donuts (doughnuts?  Which way do you spell it?):

Those are on the top of my to-make list, and I don't think anyone in my house will argue with me.

Dueling gray kitchens:

Even though I love (love) our white kitchen, there is something so calming and welcoming about these soft gray cabinets.  And the wood accents!  Don't even get me started.

We have lunch boxes and Legos.  Two, please!

I already told my husband that if we ever come across one of these cubby cabinets, we're buying it, no questions asked.  Well, no questions from me, at least.

On our most recent trip to Florida, we stopped at a restaurant that specialized in Greek food.  I have never really had Greek food, but the husband talked me into sharing a Tour of Greece plate with him (read: a sampler plate) and it was delicious!  So much so, I went searching for recipes for spanikopita (spinach pie) and made it this past week with gyros.  Delicious.

How was your week?  Do you have any good finds to share?  Anyone else also drooling over Greek food?

Have a great weekend- I'm headed over to Little Nostalgia to see what Paige picked!

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  1. Paige @ Little NostalgiaJuly 11, 2014 at 8:35 AM

    No joke, I almost used that darker gray kitchen this week. Ha!! I think I also have those donuts on my recipe board. (I spell it the short way so I can run off and eat them faster.)

  2. Never had Greek Food!!!!!! One of the first 'nice' restaurants I've been too was a Greek restaurant. It's called The Greek Island and my family used to eat there all the time after some big event or for a big event. I love Greek food hence the excitement about going to Greece for our honeymoon.

  3. Love your choices! I need all those kitchens - NOW - and those doughnuts!!! Donuts? Who cares, I need them!

  4. Ah! The portable lego kit. Love. That is too cute.

  5. I know! I actually think my husband would like one too.

  6. I would love to go to Santorini- it looks so beautiful. My family is largely Italian and Polish so there was always a lot of pasta, sausage, and cabbage, but not so much on the Greek specialties. Next up I need to learn moussaka.

  7. Mind meld! The donuts are good- I made them for the kids yesterday. ("for the kids")

  8. OH goodness those donuts!...the spanikopita!

    Today is not a good gluten free day. Although I could make the donuts I suppose :)


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