Life Lately.

Happy Friday!  How has your week been?

I have found myself super duper busy making inventory- finally!  I have been in a major work slump for months and I haven't spent much time in my office trying to do anything.  But I've signed up for a few shows and events this fall and before the holidays, so I'm trying to build up what I have to bring.  So, I've been busy turning circles into earrings and strips into keychains:

Three dozen of each and counting.  I still need to make more fabric baskets, bags, scarves, and so on, but it feels good to be working again.  I'm hoping it will be a profitable, busy holiday season this year.  I'd also like to try and do an open house here at home for local friends who have shown interest in what I make- like a wine and cheese evening.  I'm thinking that Small Business Saturday would be a good day, so it's time to do some planning.  My work to-do lists are getting out of control.

Gus starts kindergarten next week (!!!) so we took a ride over to his new school to check out the playground.  Greta starts back at preschool the week after that, so we're trying to get into a better getting-ready-for-bed-early routine so we don't have two little zombies.

We had a bear wander right through our backyard- walked right by our deck and then into the neighbors' yard- just seconds before I was planning on taking the dog out for her morning loo.  She saw it and went bananas, but then recovered pretty quickly, as you can see.  Bears are really common where we live, for some reason, even though it's pretty thickly residential.  This one was tagged, so they know about it and we're pretty much advised to just leave them alone.

And we've been trying to enjoy what has turned out to be a relatively cool August here in Connecticut.  We've been eating dinner out on the deck a lot, and we're still working on burning down a huge pile of firewood left over from The October Snowstorm (its official name around here), so we've been doing weekend fire pits in the backyard.  Last weekend I even needed a sweater while we were out there.

What have you been up to lately?  Anyone been spending more time out in cooler weather?  Have any exciting bear sightings?  Happy weekend!

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  1. our weather here in NC cooled down a bit last week, but we are back in the upper 90' I'm spending a lot of time indoors, working and getting ready for another year of homeschooling. I think I would freak if a bear walked thru my yard. I have enough with possums and raccoon's, lol


  2. Quite a cool end to summer here in Maine, as well, though I'm not complaining! Reminds me how much I'm looking forward to being productive when mine are back in school (also K and preschool - is your 5 year old as excited as mine? She's asked every day for three weeks if "today is the day" and we still have 2 more weeks to go...). Love the earrings - the hearts are adorable!

  3. What lovely colors!

    I've been being. I've picked up some crafting stuff again, played with some jewelry stuff but took it apart again, and have been doing some digital work. Nothing exciting but I'm ramping back up.

    I've been reading children's and young adult novels. They aren't too bad :)


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