Good Reads: August.

I have a confession.  I had a pile of library books that I wanted to read and I consciously returned them all without touching them before their due date and with renewals available.  I know- shock and awe!  Here's the problem right now: if I read, then I don't get any work done because I'm buried in a book, and I can't afford to lose half a Saturday to a really awesome book because I'm getting a craft show roster going and I need stock.  So I've been trying to fill my time making stuff and I didn't want the temptation of novels around.  That being said, I did do some reading before my sweep, so let's see what was on the list this month.

Last month I read her newest, Where'd You Go, Bernadette? and it was so good I sought out more from her.  This One is Mine is a tale of having it all and not realizing it.  Violet has a dream life with everything she could ever want but still isn't happy, and it takes her on an unexpected detour in her life.  By the end, a series of events come crashing together- combining the two main story lines Semple is weaving throughout the book.  This was a really good read and definitely offered perspective on other people's lives and how you never know how people are actually feeling.

Another repeat author from last month, Moriarty's style is to weave several stories together and you never quite know where she is going to end up.  In this one, we follow a small family whose roots are firmly entrenched in the tiny island they live on and the mystery they were involved in over 60 years ago.  When the matriarch of the family dies, true feelings and revelations are revealed, setting the scene for disaster at the anniversary party they throw to celebrate the mystery's beginning.  This one was slow to start but I got into it about halfway through.

So clearly I like to read authors in series.  Another one by Moriarty (I also had two others by her in my to-read pile, so that's why they had to go), I enjoyed this one more than the other.  In fact, I couldn't put it down.  Cecelia accidentally finds a letter written to her by her husband to be read only in the case of his death.  And while she promises herself she won't read it, eventually she does and her life is turned upside down.  This novel goes to show that once you know something, you can't un-know it, and it details just how hard it is to continue on when you're suddenly faced with a new reality.  Highly, highly recommend.

Rowell is another author who I binge-read this summer, last month reviewing Attachments.  This is a YA novel about twins heading off to college and being pulled in separate directions.  Cath is highly entrenched in the world of fanfic and is highly introverted.  She is trying to keep her family together- her mother having left when she was little- while balancing her course requirements, her fic page, and her growing attraction to Levi, who is arguably the sweetest male lead ever.  A very cute and fun read that goes quickly- this would be a great one to read as we wrap up summer and head back to school.

Another YA by Rowell, and this one is said to be her most popular, this story follows high schoolers Eleanor, new to town and clashes in every way imaginable, and Park, whose momentary kindness on the bus sets them off on an unexpected romance.  However, Eleanor's seriously bad home situation threatens to ruin all they have together, causing Park to come to the rescue and make a sacrifice to keep her safe.  Another great quick read, especially if you love young love.

I got about three or four chapters into this one before I had to give up on it.  The story of Louis, a teacher who has just lost his job and lost his way, decides to move to New York City and takes a room with an odd gentleman.  Louis wants to live in the style of Gatsby and other great gentleman characters, but he is living in the 1990s.  I had a really hard time getting into this- the story just seemed to ramble and was a little odd so I just brought it back.  It wasn't worth the effort.

What have you been reading lately?  Any suggestions?  Can you see why I had to bring all those books back?


  1. I loved Eleanor & Park and was excited to dive into Fangirl next- and I ended up hating it more than I've hated a book in decades! I found myself actually yelling at Cath, and while I found her initially relatable, I was so frustrated with her obstinate lack of development or growth that I stopped caring enough to even dislike her (I just disliked the book!). It put me off Rainbow Rowell in general.
    I've just read a second Jonathan Tropper (first was This is Where I Leave You- great!, second was One Last Thing Before I Go- good) and a second Jojo Moyes (first was Me Before You- INCREDIBLE, second was The Girl You Left Behind- a little more chick-lit-y, but still very good). Now I'm reading Frog Music after devouring Emma Donoghue's Room last year. I suppose I'm on a repeat-author binge as well!
    I've got The Husband's Secret to read and I liked Where'd You Go, Bernadette so I think I shall check out This One is Mine. Thanks!

  2. Wow, I didn't HATE Fangirl (though I skipped ALL the fic writing) but I was mad at Cath for having zero confidence in herself. But I loved Levi- he was so sweet.

    Thanks for the suggestions- I always need them, so I'll add them to my library list. I love when you find a good, consistent author. Definitely pick up The Husband's Secret, though- I devoured that one.

  3. The Husband's Secret and Eleanor & Park are on my to read list for sure.