Catching Up

Do you have a list?  Not your regular daily things-to-do list, but that list of stuff you need/want to do but it keeps getting pushed off by something more immediate like grocery shopping?  Yea, me too.  I decided that I need to get moving and start crossing things off of that list, even if it's just one thing a week.  So far this week I've managed three.

Project #1: Name letters for Gus.  A long, long time ago, I grabbed wooden letters that spell out Gus's name with the intent of painting them, mounting them to something and hanging them on the wall.  And they sat in my workroom collecting dust.  The other day while reorganizing up there yet again, I pulled out the letters and decided it was time to do something.  I got the table set up with paints and brushes and a drop cloth, and Gus went to work, painting each letter a different color of his choosing.  And even though he only painted the tops of the letters and not the sides when he declared himself done, we let them dry and then mounted them with Command strips to his bedroom door.  He loves them.  Proud kid, happy mama.  Bonus: he wanted to keep painting and was occupied for a least another half hour making pictures.

Project # 2: Commissioned by my oldest and dearest friend for a birthday gift for her niece, I got a little bit of sewing done: a colored pencil roll with notepad, which actually makes for more of a wallet than a roll, but I love it.

The one requirement was that it be pink and girly, which I think we achieved.

Project #3: Another one for the bestie.  I got an e-mail titled, "A New Product for You" with a link to a purse organizer, which was basically a band of pockets that you can put into a bag with no pockets.  You can also move the organizer from one bag to another, already loaded with your stuff.  So I replied asking if it was an idea, or did she want one.  "Yea, I want one," she says, which is where this fabric came in that I showed you before:

"Something Vera Bradley-ish but not."  It's from Amy Butler's Lotus collection, Lacework in brown.  Love, love, love.  After getting the bag's measurements, I made a sketch.  This is a new phenomenon- I usually just wing it.  Also new: I've started using pins.  Turns out they hold the fabric together so it doesn't slide around all out of place.  Who knew?

Yup, I called Mom.  Around here, no piece of paper is safe from notes or kitchen stains.

The result:

That was the moment I went, "It looks just like the picture!  It's the right size!  OMG!!" because I'm still not sure when something is going to work or not, especially with coming up with something on the fly.  But I love it and am so unbelievably pleased with it.  I hope she likes it- it will be making its way to its new home later today.  And happily, I have a few small squares of the fabric left to play around with.

So hopefully I can keep this going and actually crossing things off the list.  I'm working on painting a few odds and ends found at the dump to try and get the workroom even better organized.  I hope to have some of that to show you soon.

Have you been crossing things off of your secret to-do list lately?  How about just your regular to-do list?


  1. That purse organizer is a really good idea! I think your next step should be making them in other sizes, because some people (like me) are of a smaller-purse variety. :-)

    I'm TERRIBLE about doing long-term projects. It's almost kind of impressive. Ask me how long I've been working on my website. What website? Exactly.

  2. UHG, I have had the art work to hang up on Luci's wall out for MONTHS. I seriosuly just need to whip out a hammer and hang the stuff up. Do you think I do it??? no, of course not. You have inspired me. This weekend, at some point... I WILL HANG IT ALL UP!! hahaha thanks for the inspiration:)

  3. Beautiful! Loving the purse organizer! I could use several of those-car bag, pool bag, etc!

  4. Love my purse organizer! Thanks Kristen!!!

  5. Darling fabric and great idea! Love it!

  6. LOVE IT ALL. No, my to do list just keeps getting longer ... I need a productive week to knock it all out!