Filing Cabinet Love

Do you love Ikea?  I love Ikea with an italicized L.  We are fortunate to have one in the state of Connecticut that is a relatively easy driving distance away.  While there the past few times I have drooled over this cabinet, with the idea that it could go in my workroom and hold all my oddly sized paper.

But $119 for an Ikea cabinet just couldn't sway me, even with all of its shallow drawer goodness.  I put it on my "one day I'd like to buy" list.

On Tuesday I ran to Walmart and decided to swing by the dump on the way home, just in case, and OMG I am so glad I did because I hit the mother lode.

I may have squealed out loud.  I definitely almost didn't get the car stopped while trying to get out of it before anyone grabbed the cabinet.  Now, not to mislead you- it didn't look this nice.  I painted it white immediately upon arrival at home.  No going on the someday list for this cabinet.  It went from standard filing cabinet tan to white pretty easily.

Now I need to actually put the paper in it.  I am so thrilled by this find, and there was actually another similarly awesome find that day (score!) but it's not quite ready to show yet.

One thing- if you have any suggestions for filling the busted out lock hole, please let me know.  I don't mind it but something pretty is just as good, too.

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  1. I considered that IKEA cabinet, too!

    You're on a roll with stuff at the dump. (Jealous!) What about putting a piece of a wine cork in the hole?

    1. Yea, if was a "need" then I totally would have bought it. If it was $50 I probably would have bought it. But since that's not the case, it had to go on the back burner.

      Great idea about the cork!! Now if we just drank wine.....

  2. That IS a rockin' find!! I've never gone dump-shopping. I can barely make it through Walmart quite honestly. And at the risk of sounding like a snob, I feel like I need a shower after I do shop at a Walmart. It's really more a function of being overwhelmed in those stores. And I think it also stems from working in the mall many, many moons ago... the noise, the smells, the crowds are all too much for me. But maybe the dump would be a good alternative. (though how are the smells? lol)

    As for the hole: what if you bought a magnet strip the width/height of the front top area of the file-case (at Michael's or AC Moore's), covered one side with pretty paper and voila! Guessing it would hold nicely onto a metal cabinet!
    Or you could find a fabulous vintage button slightly larger than the hole, and epoxy it over the hole. Give it a little bling? :)

    Good luck!

    1. I love Walmart in general, but there are some that do skeeve me out. The one in our town is very clean, orderly, and has lots of nice stuff, like a great fabric department. The one near my in-laws in Florida is the best one I've ever seen- they have a SuperCenter and it's amazing. BUT I have been in some that do make me want to wash up immediately thereafter.

      The dump is generally ok. The shack has no door, so there are no nasty smells. I have found a few things that once I get them home I discover some mold on them, and they go back immediately, but generally, once something has been wiped down with large amounts of Clorox wipes and/or painted then I feel better about it.

      LOVE the idea about the magnet or the button! Funny how other people see something differently. I never thought of either of those things!

  3. was that you who ran over my foot at the dump? well, I never!!!

    1. Seriously, I would have elbowed you out of the way for it. Plus, you should see what else I got!!! Can't wait to get it painted and reveal it!

  4. I was thinking a button too! But the magnet is a great idea also!. You crack me up about Walmart - the one near me definitely skeeves me out and I only go there if I 'have to' and your comment about having to wash up after? That's what I always say...
    Great job on the cabinet!!
    PS...stopping by via Pam's link up party :)

  5. What a great find. I like the button idea; would add some more personality to the piece.

    Stopping by from Mercantile Muse.