Happiness Is

Another weekend is upon us!  Or maybe you are in the middle of a super long weekend due to the mid-week holiday (kudos to you, in that case).  Let's reflect on some of the good things this week.

Happiness is...

...this wall:

Ding, dong the wallpaper is dead.  I got most of it and then hubs did the top part of the wall while I worked on trim paint in the hallway.  Then we figured out the non-cabinet part of the wall and patched it, primed it, and painted it, and hubs marked the studs for cabinet placement.  It is already so much brighter and fresher in here.

...our new mantel!

It previously looked like this:

Hubs faced the old one with new wood and we made a pledge not to put any clutter on it ever again.  Wallets and cell phones are acceptable.

...laying on the deck in the early morning sun.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  What's making you happy this week?

Happy Friday!


  1. I liks laying in the sun too:) I'm at teh end of a very long weekend. I LOVE it!

  2. those fabrics are amazing! great finds. i finally had a beach day and gonna go kayak this morning yay!

  3. Your deck looks like a perfect space to lie in the sun! I love those yellow fabrics - so cute!

  4. Congrats on the wallpaper! The fabrics are so cute - looks like a fresh way to start summer! Going to head up the CA coast for the weekend. Yay!

  5. vacation! that's what is making me happy this week. it's nearly done but i intend to enjoy today to the fullest. i even took a nap yesterday. a two hour nap! it rocked. :) so happy for you with regard to wallpaper. i know it's your nemisis.

  6. I love your fireplace mantel! I'm visiting from Blogging Buddies & I am your newest follower - I would love a follow-back if you get a chance: godsgrowinggarden.blogspot.com