Necessity Sewing

There are a bunch of sewing projects that I have lined up both for the shop, at home, and for family.  I have plans and drawings and fabric ready to go.  I'm so excited to start on them.....Enter the chewer.

Gus never chewed anything.  When he was really little, some things made their way into his mouth, but for the most part, he stayed away from the whole chewing thing babies do.  We never had to worry about toys with small parts for him.  Board books were more for his little hands than to protect the pages from being ruined in his mouth.  He was much more content to look at something and figure it out than put it in his mouth.  When we painted a hand-me-down crib for him, we didn't worry about him biting on the sides and laughed at the fact that there were bite marks on the rails from our neighbors' kids.  "Our kids would never do that," we thought, because Gus didn't.

Greta is the exact opposite in every way.  Specifically, everything goes in her mouth.  Food, toys, shoes, puzzle pieces, books, you name it.  This includes the rails on her crib.  I discovered some of the paint bunched up and flaked off on the inside of the rail and realized I was going to need to do some unexpected sewing, fast.  In about 30-45 minutes' time I had a rail guard sewed and attached so she will no longer be able to scrape up the paint and have us worrying about her ingesting it.

I used a piece of fabric from the Sophie collection for Moda with Warm 'N Natural batting underneath.  In my haste I didn't exactly quilt it; I just used the batting for a cushion.  Three Velcro straps wrap around the rail and hold the guard in place.  Now to figure out how to keep her from chewing the books.

Have you been sewing out of necessity lately?

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  1. Cute fabric! And you're fast if that only took you about half an hour. The only necessity sewing I do is taking in clothes that fit a little wonky when I "save" them from the thrift store.

  2. lol! Isn't it funny how different kids can be? looks cute!


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