Soup and Beans

We eat a lot of meat around here.  Every supper is absolutely meat-centered.  While I am a snacker and eat throughout the day, hubs is more of a three squares kind of guy, so each meal needs to count, especially when he has undertaken some massive house project that requires a lot of energy.  I don't really have a problem with that except that meat is expensive and with an entire set of new living room furniture looming on the horizon I decided to look for ways to stretch the groceries and cut back on the ever-pricey meat.  While nothing beats a steak in my opinion, one steak can only take you so far, so I'm going to see if I can be creative by using meat in smaller amounts and substituting things like beans and pasta instead.

Starting here:

I'm going to try making a few soup(ish) things each week, which will give us leftovers, and then have maybe one largely meat-based meal a week.  Now, I guarantee that this book will give me lots of ideas, but I doubt I will actually like all 300 recipes so I will probably need more.  That's where you come in (see, interactive!).

If you have a fabulous low meat/no meat recipe, I'd love to see it.  It can be anything- not just soup.  Leave me a comment, send me an e-mail, or link up a blog post of your own, someone else's, Food nEtwoek, Martha, Pinterest pin, etc. in the link-up below.  I cook every night, and it's frustrating to try and come up with new stuff to make, so I'm excited to see what you share!


  1. What about doing some kind of stir fry served with rice? That'll help fill him up. These next two recipes I found on Pinterest and haven't tried yet, but they sound pretty good and meaty:

  2. Oops, and I just scrolled back up and see you said no soup. So, um, maybe disregard that second link. Ha.

    1. No, soup is good! I was just saying it doesn't HAVE to be soup. Actually, the hubs is a huge fan of soup, so that's why I'm starting there. :) Thanks for the links!

  3. Growing up, my family didn't have a lot of money so my mom cooked with a lot of beans and lentils instead of meat. Now I'm used to those types of things and I like eating some vegetarian dishes. Andrew has had to adapt because he's half Irish and is used to meat and potatoes. One of our favorites is this curried lentils dish--

    The recipe comes from the More with Less cookbook--

    My mom cooked a lot of stuff from this cookbook and I still do today. There are a lot of meat free recipes that are super filling and tasty, yet have very few ingredients or use ingredients that you would have on hand anyway.