Lazy Sunday

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Were you super busy like me and are still wiped out from it?  We had company over Saturday night for appetizers and dessert and had a blast and were up really late, which we're not used to, so much of Sunday was spent sitting on the couch trolling the Internet, drinking tea, and hoping for a nap.  Here's what I decided:

This necklace is gorgeous, and I want it.

This is an awesome photo, and I'd like to be there.

This is a fantastic outfit:

The Weekender

The Weekender by archimedes16 featuring gold bangles

 And so is this:

Comfy Cardigan with Wide Leg Jeans

Comfy Cardigan with Wide Leg Jeans by cynthia335 featuring nars cosmetics

Gus needs this cake this coming year:


This is the coolest shop:

I want this table (and this site is awesome):


I want someone to make me this soup:


 And this is just too cute:


What did you do this weekend?  Did you make any lazy finds? 

(There's one day left to enter!!)


  1. We had an extremely lazy Saturday. Hubsey traveled 4 days last week, so he kind of just crashed while I wasted time on Pinterest, etc. We did go out to a late dinner, so that was nice. Sunday we hit up the hardware store and decided to do a feature wall in our bedroom! We won't have time to actually do it until 2 weekends from now, but at least we have a plan. :-)

  2. After a very busy week, we had a nice quiet weekend. It was much needed!
    Love that necklace. And I can't wait to get out and go canoeing this summer!

  3. I have to try that soup. I had a fairly lazy Saturday. I think I took 2 naps. I was such a moody troll. I watched 3 movies and worked on knitting some mittens for a co-worker. I love that necklace. I see necklaces like that everywhere and I wanna know where they get their beads!

  4. That boat photo is just perfect! I'd so trade in a day of snow and sledding for a sunny day on a boat with tea and a good book.

  5. You had a fun Sunday. What did we do before the Internet? lol

  6. Love everything! :)

    I especially want to be in that dreamy boat! Lovely.

  7. Love that boat too, soooo relaxing.


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