Rejects Revealed

Almost one month ago, I ran this post about my closet full of reject shop items, asking if anyone would like to get rid of their rejects and swap with me.  It was to be a blind swap, so you wouldn't know what you were getting, kind of like a goodie bag, but better.  Paige, Ayla, Amanda, Mary, and Kim took me up on my offer.  I asked them how many packages they wanted to send out- they'd get that many back in return- and who they'd best want to swap with, so I could match up styles and tastes as best as I could.  It felt so good to pass on some old stuff, and I'm so in awe of the packages I got back in return.

First came Ayla's:

Crocheted scrubbies, a granny square pincushion, 
a lovely necklace and earrings, and an embroidered zip pouch.
All useful and all lovely.

Kim's arrived the same day:

A butterfly car charm, stamped keychain, glassine bags, and blank tags.
Handy packaging, indeed.

A few days later, a package arrived from Mary:

Two adorable felt brooches.
Gus wore the butterfly immediately.  I got the flower.

Then Paige's arrived a few days after that:

The jewelry motherlode.
Can I tell you that I have wanted one of those bird necklaces forever?

As you can see, I made out like a bandit and now have a bunch of lovely and fun things to play with instead of having a closet full of paper goods that I could never possibly use on my own.  It was totally worth it, and I really hope everyone had fun with the swap.  We'd like to do it again in a few months once everyone's piled up some more rejects.  Maybe you'll decide to join us!

For anyone who is interested now, or who missed the original post, I actually have three more packages' worth of stuff I would be happy to see go.  Let me know if you're interested and I'll take a look at your shop!  What might it include?

Check out what the ladies got in return!
Mary 1 // 2 // 3


  1. totally awesome. i'm obviously a loser for not joining in the reject swap of reject swaps! serious treasures.

  2. I can't believe those were all rejects! They were all so cute! Especially that bird necklace!

  3. I'm so glad you liked them!! You got really awesome stuff from the others.

  4. What an awesome idea! Please let me know if you do another swap like this!!


  5. This is such a fun idea, and I totally have some appropriate stuff! Could you contact me when you get the next swap going?
    x Hilary
    hilary . l . adams @ gmail . com

  6. Definitely remind me in a couple of months because this was really one of the funnest swaps I've ever done. I loved everything I got. :)

  7. This was such a fun idea! I've loved reading what everyone got in their "reject" bags. I'm loving that lode of jewelry you got from Paige!!!

  8. I'm on the verge of opening my etsy store, so I hope to participate in the next round. Such a clever idea!