Editing Your Wardrobe

It's inevitable.  When we're talking about style and fashion and how we'd like to have more pulled-together looks, cleaning out your closet and streamlining your wardrobe is going to come up, especially since spring is almost upon us (for those of us in colder climates).  Spring means spring cleaning and organizing, and hopefully, packing away your bulky winter clothes for lighter items.  You may do a closet turnover, swapping the winter for the spring and summer clothes, or you may have a closet that houses them all at the same time.  Either way, the change of seasons is a great time to weed out what you don't need.  And if you're like me, you have way more clothes than you actually need.

Last week I mentioned that a whole bunch of style-based posts and ideas were popping up all around me, thus inspiring my foray into some fashion posting on the blog.  The first of those was this fantastic post from Kanelstrand, which totally explains how you can simplify your wardrobe and wear pieces again and again.  I don't know if I could pare down to just ten pieces, but it's encouraging to see how far just ten pieces can go.  From this I went in search of wardrobe editing posts and information, and I found a ton.  Even though this is for packing, I think it could totally be used to streamline your everyday wardrobe:


This next one we've actually done.  It's excellent for those things you think you're wearing, but actually aren't.  I want to turn all of our hangers around again when I clean out the closet this spring.


Another great list that's easy to follow:

If you still want more there are these posts:

Wardrobe Editing (This is a great infographic that said don't republish without permission, so I'll just send you over there instead!)

And of course, a book (our library has it- yay!):

I can guarantee you that I will be pulling all the clothes out of my closet soon and weeding out what I really don't need anymore.  I want to only keep things that are flattering on me and that I will wear in public (not counting my pajamas, of course).  In my last clean-out I finally got rid of the last piece of clothing I owned from Aeropostale.  Does that store even exist anymore??  My hurdle is going to be whether to keep t-shirts with those little pinholes in them where your pants button rubs at them.  Do you keep those or toss them?

Do you do a seasonal clean-out?  Is it time for you to weed out too?  Or are you happy with your closet as it is?  Could you make it on only ten pieces of clothing?


  1. These are all great tips! I totally need to do some of this stuff this spring. Visiting from the etsy blog team!

  2. I'm so glad you posted all of those links! Something to read later when I get home from class.

    I clean out my closet twice a year as the weather changes, and I make Hubsey do his side, too. There are always some items from each season that I didn't end up wearing, or stuff that shrunk, or that I got a stain on, etc. That pin about the 10 piece wardrobe reminds me of the 30 for 30 Challenges I used to do. You pick 30 items including shoes (but not accessories) and that's all you wear for 30 days. It was a great way to learn what your favorites are, and what isn't as cute as you thought.

  3. Thanks for these awesome tips! Definitely need to make the time to do this because my closet is getting a little crazy. :)

  4. You know, this reminds me of my packing strategy. Currently trying to work on that for our upcoming trip to NYC. I'm excited, but have never had to pack so many dress outfits before. We'll see;)

  5. my closet is stuff to the brim.......needs a serious clean out and organizing day. it's screaming for help.

  6. I have so much wardrobe editing to do its not even funny. I keep putting it off. Thanks for these helpful tips!

  7. I love the 10 piece mix and match. Makes me want to buy more pants...I pretty much only own jeans...lol!
    I have a thing where if I buy a new article of clothing, I have to get rid of something else. I refuse to buy more hangers, so if I buy a new top, an old one must go.


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