Fashion Pet Peeves

I loved reading the comments on Monday's post.  Because so many of you agree that sweatpants are not part of the the ideal look we're going for, that basically inspired this post.  (Did I say three giveaways this week?  Ok, maybe two this week and one next week.)

My plan was to find some great outfits to share (and I did, and I will) and when I went in search of some wardrobe options I was so dismayed by some of the looks I found that I decided to make a list of some of the fashion trends that make me cringe.

1. Sweatpants with words on the butt.  Sweatpants are bad enough but adding words to the tush is even worse.

2. Dresses or skirts way above the knee.  She should look great, but the skirt kills it for me.

3. Streaky/chunky highlighted hair.


4. Ripped jeans.  A perfectly nice outfit taken down a notch.

5. UGGS.  Ok, I get that they are warm and cozy, but she's wearing a tank top, so is she really going for warmth?

I don't want to be all negative, though, so I tried to think of some easy trends that I do love.

1. Scarves.  She looks nicely pulled together in this outfit.  Scarves are an easy accessory to add, and can add a punch of color, or like this can tone an outfit down.  I want to start adding some lightweight ones to my wardrobe.

2. Skirts (not the short kind).  A simple, classic sytle knee-length skirt can be dressed up or dressed down and can instantly make you look pulled together.

The Weekender

3. Fitted button down shirt.  On its own or under a sweater, it always makes for a clean look.

via (if anyone knows the actual source, let me know!)

4. Classic, simple jewelry.  I'm learning that it really pulls a look together.

What I really want to know, though, are what your fashion pet peeves are, and what are your classic go-to always-look-good favorites?


  1. I agree with all of your hates and will add two more. One, short-shorts. If I can see your front pockets sticking out through the bottom, then you need to go home and put on some real pants. Also, strapless dresses worn with regular bras. Nooooo...

    On the other hand, I love dark denim, riding boots, adding a blazer or cardigan, basics that will mix-and-match, and dressing things up with accessories.

    (I have that last picture pinned, too, and I never could find the source. Ugh.)

  2. leggings or skinny jeans worn by girls who really shouldn't wear any of those...

  3. I used to work in a factory and people wore sweatpants to work all the time...I hated that!
    And I don't get the UGGS either. I think they're so ugly...and the price is outrageous!

  4. ahh..leggings worn like regular pants. All you see is a boney-butt(if skinny) or a jiggly-butt (if larger than skinny).

    Or long shirts worn as dresses. Thats just as bad as wearing a short skirt. Really.. I don't want to see your hoo-ha..

  5. also, I love the Ryan Gosling "hey girl" photo. Yes.. Ryan.. I will do anything you want.. seriously.

  6. i'm so glad ryan is ok with yoga pants all day. it makes me feel better about my home office attire.

    my fashion pet peeve....skinny jeans on any guy that doesn't play rock n' roll. it's just not right.

  7. Can we add those juicy velour jumpsuits circa 2003 onto the peeves list? I still see people wearing those...with uggs...No. JUST NO.

  8. Yes the uggs with tank top is so dumb. Just why. Also agree with the words on the butt of sweatpants and like Ayla said, wearing leggings as if they are proper pants. I struggle to find skirts and dresses that are long enough. I never wear anything as short as the skirt you pictured (and particularly not with high heels because that takes it up a notch), but it's a challenge for sure. I think most stores must have fit models that are around 5'-3" or something, and all of us tall-ish people are left looking like we raided our nieces closets. And what makes even less sense, is that while the hems on dresses and skirts are always too high, pants (and jeans in particular) are always too long! I think the "regular" inseam on most jeans now is 33". That's too long for me if I'm wearing flats, so unless every other woman wears heels all the time, that's just too long.

    Anyway, as usual I've rambled off topic onto fit issues and not fashion pet peeves. I would add one more to your list: thong underwear. I sometimes wish I could go back in time and erase all those dumb articles in women's magazines that made so many women think wearing regular underwear is a "don't" and that only thong underwear is a "do". I think there are actually more visible panty lines with thongs than any other type of underwear. It hangs out the top, often shows through the outfit, and what's worse, I can't tell you how many women I've seen walking down the street where the entire backsides of their knit dresses, pants, whatever-they're-wearing has been sucked up into their rear ends. It's awful-looking. And it can't be comfortable. How do you not realize that all of your clothes (and seemingly anything else in a 3-foot radius) is wedged up into your butt? Oh, ladies.

  9. I love this post! I completely agree. It drives me nuts going to the grocery store on Saturday morning and seeing what seems like 1/3 of the shoppers wearing their PJs! Yikes! Even though I have not showered yet, I always throw on a cute hat, jeans, a jacket and decent shoes to look somewhat put together.

    The Uggs trend never made sense to me. Made it is because I live in New England and have to wear chunky boots when it snows so I have no desire to wear them any other time!

  10. I'm with you on all counts with one exception. I have a pair of jeans that I've personally distressed through wear and activity. I love (when they fit) to pair them with my red flats and a white dress shirt.

    1. I think if you've personally worn them in then that is different from buying them already distressed, which seems to be so popular. It's kind of like cheating. :)

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