Loving Lately

This snowman:

And this one:

This free printable.  I thought I'd like them for the kids' rooms, but then I was thinking "H is for Home" for the entry.

This shop:

This comic/card:

This sweet post from Rebecca.

What are you loving lately?


  1. Love that printable! H is for home would be so cute!

  2. The first two snowmans are so cute! I wish we had enough snow in Virginia to make a snowman.

  3. I like them all! Hard to pick a favorite. I have to show my kids that upside down snowman. Too bad the big snowstorm is just going to miss us. :-)
    Melissa aka MissPottery

  4. Love the snowman. Such a creative idea! Found you on etsy.


  5. Lovely picks today! That mailbox snowman is making me laugh so hard!

  6. Oh my those snowmen are awesome! Haha. People are so clever. :)


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