A Few Things on Friday.

1. This weekend coming brings changes to the ad site Passionfruit.  If you are a blogger, it's probably safe to say you've heard of them or used them.  If not, Passionfruit is a service to bloggers that helps them organize their ads so coding all the buttons doesn't make them go crazy.  And it's a great service, especially if your sidebar is busy with a new lineup every month.  However, starting September 1, Passionfruit is changing up the way you pay for the service, charging a monthly fee instead of charging per ad.  A lot of people are upset by this because they don't make enough from their ads to maintain use of the service.  This doesn't upset me- I understand capitalism and if I were working that hard I'd want to get paid more, too- but I am one of those people who doesn't make enough to support the service.  And really, I no longer want to.

At one point I thought that I would be able to monetize this blog, as so many others have.  But when it comes down to it, I'm just not able to put in the effort that would be needed for that to happen and a lot of the "sponsored posts" make me feel the ick a little bit.  So I'm giving up Passionfruit and going back to regular ad swaps.  If you want to swap a button with me, send me an e-mail at miloandmolly @ gmail.com.  I'll need one that's 200 x 200 in size because I'm a little OCD and I like my buttons to line up.  I can't help it.

2. I added new scarves and some leather-bottomed clutches to the shop yesterday, as well as started a complete photo overhaul of the whole shop.  In the process I discovered that my pincushions are about ready to expire.  If you want to grab one, go right now!  They are all on sale for $5.

3. What's up with catty comments on Instagram?  I knew that had been happening to some people but I got a taste of it last night when I posted a comment on a photo asking advice, as did several other people, and those who did basically got laughed at for all suggesting the same thing.  Sorry for breathing.

4. Ashley posted this on Instagram yesterday and I thought it was brilliant, so I'm sharing:

5. This completely interesting article on the culture of Etsy allowing/not allowing resellers has been making the rounds this week.  It's a really good read if you support handmade, and shows that you have to be careful who you purchase from.

6. Like chili?  Join Paige's next blogger food party.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I'll get a new button over to you! I bet I already have one that size. And thanks for the chili party shout-out! :-)

    Bummer about the rude comments on Instagram. I've never had any directed at me (not yet, anyway) but I see them a lot. It just baffles me. Those people are aware of how Instagram works--just because you can't see the person behind the account doesn't mean they aren't there. Everything rude you say goes directly do them. Ugh.

  2. I think I need to email you a new button! :) LOVE that article!!


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