Getting On With It.

February 2:  I posted a work-in-progress shot of this bag:

I had big plans for a new style of bag that I wanted to put in my shop.  The problem was, there was an issue with the zipper being about 1/4-inch too long.  Typical.  With every intention of finishing it quickly, the bag was put aside to work on later because ripping out a zipper is just no fun, but mostly because that photo led to this custom order:

February 16: The custom foldover clutch, with this awesome gray-brown fabric on the outside and a fun kelly green print on the inside, was sewn up pretty quickly and made its way to its new home.

That poor little yellow and blue one up there?  Not so much.  It's been sitting in the closet waiting to see the light of day again.  Then yesterday I pulled it out of its hibernation spot and instead of ripping out the zipper, I just cut about an inch and a half off the top of the bag.  Much easier. 

August 13: After installing the shorter zipper I ended up with this (finally) completed bag:

Aaaaaannnnd....the zipper doesn't close correctly.  Seriously, it won't close up on the last two teeth over on the right side there.  It's like a comedy of errors with this bag.  So I polled Instagram and decided it best to offer it up at Thursday's seconds sale, lest I have to rip out and install a third zipper.  Nope.  So look for this little gem with its buttery yellow (in color and texture) leather bottom Thursday night.  (More details here.)

In the meantime, I'm happy to report that I'm getting away from this period of not wanting to make anything new and I'm doing something crazy: I'm using the materials I ordered.  I pulled out leather and fabric and zippers and I've matched things up and I'm sewing, which feels so good.  I am finally getting some of the ideas out of my head that have been piled up in there for months- 6 months, apparently.  Last night's finish:

The softest brown leather along with this fun emerald print, with a carry strap on the outside.  I'm proud of it.  I love it.  I really want to keep it, but it will be in the shop soon.  I just want to get a few more completed first.


  1. I really really really love it! That emerald green fabric is so pretty!

  2. I still love the bag you made for my sister. :-) I almost kept it for myself. If I weren't trying to save for Paris, I would just have you make me another one. And don't get me started on the yellow and navy bag. Want!

  3. I adore these little bags. Even if the zipper doesn't close correctly, the pattern and color pairing with that yellow and blue one is great.

  4. cute!!! I love the brown leather and it goes so well with the green.