Grammar v.4

(I love the sentiment of this, but can we note that "seperate" is spelled wrong? Um....)

It hasn't been that long since I posted one of these, but I have a substantial list already so I thought I'd go ahead.  All of these have been found as I read things on the Internet and they just make me shake my head.

1. once and a while: This is not the correct phrase.  It's "once in awhile," meaning it doesn't happen too often.  Seriously, if you look at it, it doesn't even make sense.

2. quite vs. quiet: "Quite" means "absolutely; to the utmost extent".  "Quiet" means "shhhhhhh!"

3. exited vs. excited: "Exited" means "to leave".  Excited is when you are anxiously overjoyed about something.  That "c" is very important here.

4. shoot vs. chute: Shoot- to fire a gun.  Chute- a slide.  I just had to laugh (out loud) when I saw someone talking about going down the shoot.

 5. and 6.  Now, don't you think that companies who most likely have these things called "editors" would have their act together.  Not so much.  (Thanks to Betsy for tweeting both of these!)

Really just wants to make you smack yourself in the forehead, right?

It's the weekend, friends, and I hope you have a fabulous one!  If you weren't around for the Instagram sale last night, feel free to hop on over and check it out.  Even if you aren't and IG user you can take a peek at the photos here.  Happy Friday!


  1. I love this post! Grammar on the internet, and beyond, has become quite (not quiet) humorous! I came across a book that speaks to the subject. It's called Eats Shoots and Leaves. It's pretty funny!

  2. What is the DEAL with people and their misuse of apostrophes?! I see at least one error like that everyday, and I don't understand how it keeps happening.

  3. Ha! Have you seen that unnecessary quotations books? It's one if my favorites.

  4. Oh, how I love this. There, their and they're KILL me. Every single time. Kind of makes me want to ask the person how they got past 3rd grade!

  5. this was fabulous! happy friday friend (:

  6. It's "to bad" those "editor's" can't get "there" act together.

  7. It's the worst when you see glaring grammatical errors from major companies! The Knot and Victoria's Secret should both be embarrassed.

  8. I HATE the misuse of apostrophe's. See what I did there? ;) Drives me nuts.

  9. love the grammar posts but I must admit that separate is one of the words I have problems spelling. I always have to check myself whenever I use it. Inconvenience is another one.

  10. LOL...these are pretty funny! I hate when I look back and realize I made a mistake on a post or a listing.
    My grandma just bought a Lexus and they wanted her to buy some package deal for paint protection or something. The first line of the paper read "Your proud of your new car..." Really, Lexus doesn't make enough money to pay someone to proof read these things! I told her they should give her the package for free for pointing out their mistake :)


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