Links on Wednesday.

Everyone is so busy and on the go on Fridays that I thought I'd do a link rundown today instead, so you may have time to click around if you choose to.

This is an incredible article about using up our resources. Think about it the next time you go to Starbucks.

Another well-put article on being an introvert.  This one really explains the thinking behind an introvert's actions.

10 Choices You Will Regret in 10 Years.

Eating gluten free?  7 Foods You Never Knew Had Gluten.

It's a hoop art swap to raise funds for an adoption!

Emily from Em Dash Paper Co is shaving her head to help kids with cancer.  She's 18% on her way to her goal.

Love to read?  PopSugar's Editors have a book list for you.

I may very seriously need this print:

And really, who doesn't need a sandwich recipe for every day of the month?


  1. You had me at sandwich recipe. That's the kind of cooking I'm talkin' about. :-)

    Interested to read that article about our natural resources. I did a massive project about overconsumption (of all kinds) in college and all of the research was fascinating--and sad, obviously.

  2. Reading that introvert article now — love it. Thank you for spreading the word about my St. Baldrick's campaign, too! Happy Wednesday!

  3. I haven't visited your blog for awhile, so I thought I'd swing by and see what's new.
    Sandwich recipes for every day of the month? Cool.
    The introvert article sounds interest, so I'll check that out next. =0)

  4. Will definitely have to check out these articles! Sounds like my kind of reading. Also, love that print too. :)

  5. I can never get enough sandwich recipes!

  6. Oo... great list here! I sent the GF article to my BIL. Who knew licorice had G in it?? Yikes! ;)
    LOVE that sweet pup of yours. xoxo

  7. The article and video about consumption is great! People don't stop to think about what they are doing! On Monday night we went to the grocery store and took our reusable bags like we always do. The cashier put some stuff in a plastic bag so it "wouldn't get crushed," as he said. I took it out of the plastic bag and said, "Thank you, but I'd rather not waste the bag." He got super snippy with me and very rude. I was annoyed. I mean, there's a reason why I bring my reusable bags to the store-- so I DON'T have to use plastic bags. So why are you giving me a plastic bag?!? The least he could have done was to ask me if I wanted my eggs and bread separate from the rest. People need to get out of the mindset of waste! I wish grocery stores were required to used either paper or reusable bags.

  8. I love the first link! I know I'm actively working on a lot of those things. Life is too short to have regrets.