I'm so thrilled to introduce you to my new space.  This has been both a labor of love and frustration, as transferring (my long-time domain) did not work the way it was supposed to and is now locked up in limbo until some time in July, kind of like when you deposit a check and they put a hold on the money.  This Internet thing is a huge learning curve for someone who is not versed in its rules and little eccentricities.  After all the work to get this looking so pretty, it was a huge disappointment to not be able to smoothly move the address.  So after much debate over what to do, I've decided to keep the domain as part of my web address until my domain frees up again.  Frustration might not actually be a strong enough term.  But I've made peace with it, I feel good about it, and I ordered new business cards to use for the time being.

To that end, I am thrilled with this absolutely beautiful site and I've been working so hard to put on "paper" what I've seen in my head for so long.  For many of you, I'm sure you can sympathize with what was a very, very, very long winter, but for me, in addition to the bitter weather, I've been dealing with a huge bout of anxiety since late fall that has cost me a tremendous amount of creative working time, so it's been an especially long winter, and to finally be able to sit and concentrate on this space is a huge move forward for me.

I'm hoping that in the future my new space will also feature its own shopping venue, and I am so thrilled to have that option for when I'm ready, but for now you can continue to shop with me on Etsy.  I'm really excited about the new products I've been adding- cover button jewelry, fabric baskets, keychains- and I've got plenty more ideas once I can grab some additional time.  Preschool is almost done for the year, so we'll be moving into a new routine and we'll see what that means for working time for me!  I'm also hoping to bring back the blog- I have a ton of ideas and it's time to finally to put them in print.  The blog is going to remain on Blogger for now, so you may just need to update your links to the new address.

I really hope that you'll take some time to poke around the site, and let me know what you think.  On the homepage of the new site there is a signup for a new Milo and Molly newsletter, which will let you know about new products and other updates, as well as alert you to sales and discounts.  Anyone who signs up in this first week (until midnight on May 18) will be entered to win a Milo and Molly prize pack, so please share all over the Internet!  I so appreciate all the support and look forward to Milo and Molly growing in the coming year.

Over the next few days I have some fun things planned, including showing off my "new" office space that I gave you sneak peeks of on Milo and Molly's Instagram and a little giveaway, so I hope you'll come back here and check them out.  So again, welcome, and thanks for hanging out with me!

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  1. Paige @ Little NostalgiaMay 12, 2014 at 8:47 AM

    LOVE IT. I'm glad you went ahead with the Squarespace address for now; that will be easy enough to change when the internet is done being stupid. It looks fantastic! I'm throwing some invisible confetti for you.

  2. Thanks! Woo hoo! And keeping the blog on Blogger was a midnight inspiration last night, and so there I am in the dark making changes. I love how it looks, and I'm happy to keep a platform I'm used to.

  3. I love the new website AND the new look on your blog! All so clean and refreshing. I think it's great that you decided to use the squarespace domain for now. That probably is less confusing than the LLC option you had previously suggested. I'm sure you're glad to finally have this project finished!

  4. Thank you! Midnight inspiration! And I agree- it's going to be a lot more simple (as long as all works out!).

  5. The new site looks great! I love the wide format of the blog with no sidebar :) Very cool!

  6. Thank you! That was a very last-minute decision and I'm glad I did it!