Thursday Thought: Quiet.

Taken literally, this is true of all things- if you stop making noise, you will hear the natural noise around you.  Think about in the spring or summer if you have your windows open in the early morning or evening after you're in bed: you're quiet because you're sleepy but you can hear the birds chirping and the bugs making noise, the occasional car going by, and airplane flying over, etc.  Quiet brings out other sounds.

Taken into deeper meaning, introverts are always accused of being quiet and not jumping into discussions, which may make it seem like they don't have an opinion to contribute or they are disinterested in the conversation.  In reality, some people are just really good listeners who like to sit back and absorb what's going on around them.  And when you do this, it's amazing what you can learn.  It's very interesting to observe people and listen to what they have to say, and if you stop making noise and just sit and listen and be still and quiet, you just might gain some insight and knowledge.

Are you a noise-maker or a listener?

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  1. Definitely a listener. I'm the one that is taking everything in during large group conversations and then shocks everyone when I finally speak up...haha. And often (not to sound full of myself) it's an idea or concept that no one else thought of because they were too busy talking. I like being able to listen and form ideas off of what I observe before jumping into something.

  2. In some circles there seems to be a lot of emphasis on being head- I'm guessing that's an extrovert trait because I'm certainly not like that. I think you have to have some kind of inner calm that just lets you absorb what others or saying. Or a lot of the time, I just don't have a solid opinion to contribute to something, so I like to hear others' points of view on things. Either way, you learn something.

  3. I'm definitely a listener too and an Introvert. While i'm okay in social surroundings, I'm not usually the one to initiate conversations with strangers although if someone approaches me, I won't clam up. I try to embrace the quiet when i can. We're so used to having some kind of "background noise" around that it sometimes requires extra work to silence everything, especially your mind.

  4. Yep- I am totally not the one to start talking to someone but can carry on a (generally) fine conversation once I get going. And I totally agree now that you said it- I didn't really think about this when I wrote it- but there is constant background noise all the time nowadays and I think people sometimes don't know how to just be still.


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