Winter Wonderland.

At the beginning each month, several blogs that I follow offer writing prompts for the month.  I find these posts both helpful and hilarious, depending on what topics they've offered up (sorry, you will not be seeing a love letter to myself any time soon).  One of this month's ideas was to take photos of your neighborhood in winter, which is a neat idea- seeing everyone's winter wonderlands, or alternatively, their warmer, sunshine-y climate.

However, we have so much snow in central Connecticut right now that it wouldn't even be safe for me to try and wander my neighborhood.  We live on a decently busy street with no sidewalks, and the snowbanks on the corners are easily five- or six-feet high.  That makes it dangerous to turn the corner in a car, let alone on foot.  So I decided to try and capture scenes from my house instead, taken from the few feet in front and in back of the house that we can currently access.

The piles around the house and at the end of the driveways are several feet high- the mailbox is almost covered.  We're running out of places to put it.  And while the snow is lovely to look at when it's coming down and fresh on the ground, after a few days, it becomes a dirty, gray mess from being plowed and sanded and salted.  The sight of a clean (yet now narrowed) driveway leaves you feeling accomplished, only to have the plow go by five minutes after you've finished, covering the end in heavy, melted slop.

How are things looking where you are?

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