Catalog Challenge: West Elm.

It's Round 2!

In case you missed my last Catalog Challenge post, Paige from Little Nostalgia and I are having some fun with our favorite furniture catalog companies, using one a month as the inspiration for creating an entire room just from one brand.  Last month we did Pottery Barn, since that was the initial inspiration for the challenge.  To know me is to know that I love PB, and the living room I came up with is a favorite.  One of Paige's favorites, and more her style, is West Elm and we decided to do another living room just to compare our two favorites.  I think West Elm is super fun, but I wouldn't necessarily think of it as a go-to place for me to shop, until...

rug // sofa

Hello, pretty living room!  While there are a lot of pieces of West Elm furniture I love to stare at because of their unique design, I thought I wouldn't be able to find something that is "my style".  I was very pleasantly surprised to find some really classic pieces, but still with the modern edge they do so well.  I definitely gravitated toward the same color scheme- can't beat gray-blues and wood!- and love love love the pieces I found.

The classic leather sofa would look amazing next to a pair of those swing-back chairs, and I have always had a fondness for a mix of wood and metal like on the tables and media cabinet.  The rug, blanket, and lamp bring some subtle color into the mix (I got totally lost in the lighting department- I want all the things.), and the Texas sign ties it all in, while also representing my husband's home state.  Then there are those fun pillows, which we could get for everyone in the family.  Clean, modern, and still classic, plus a touch of fun.  Total cost: $6672

This was a super fun challenge for me and I will definitely be running over here if we need some new decor items, or on the off-chance I ever get to decorate a bigger office space.  Which piece is your favorite?  Are you a fan of West Elm?  And don't forget to go see what Paige picked out for her living room!

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  1. Paige @ Little NostalgiaFebruary 23, 2015 at 8:23 AM

    We used the same rug! :-) I see that you felt how I did last month: not sure if you'd like much in the store but then being pleasantly surprised. This still feels a lot like your PB living room, which is funny because mine is pretty similar to last month's, too. Hahaha. We have strong taste! Anyway, I really like the light blue and reclaimed-looking wood together. This would look amazing in your house right now.

  2. I reaaaaaly like those end tables and that lamp and those chairs and they would look super-fab in my house right now! We do have strong tastes, which I think is good. I'd rather have a strong POV than have totally confused decor LOL