My Day (in Pictures)

I started the day out with a trip to the library for storytime, where I picked up these books for free, as in, off the "free to take" rack of discards outside the main door. I love books (have you seen my shop?) but I really love free books because then I don't feel guilty about giving them away or discarding them when I'm done with them. Anyway, I thought these would be fun to look at and/or good to use for photo props:

I don't really care anything about case work, but I love the spine!

Then I picked up some new papers to work with (I know, I know):

Love these!

Checked the mail and had a package from Amanda from Divine Domestication, which was part of a trade we worked out. How adorably cute is this bowtie?

To give you some perspective on the size of it, here it is next to one of my 2 1/2 inch square bookmarks:

Had a little time this afternoon and got to play with those pretty papers! I made these:

And these:

And these (which may be my favorite):

The papers for the bottom layer are so amazing. The backs of the book clips show the pattern so nicely (they are the three towards the right in the paper picture above). And they come in a bunch more colors and a few more patterns, so I can do some custom ones if someone wanted something different. I had to stop myself at three. I hope to have these listed tonight or tomorrow. (Update- I actually have them listed here, which I did while making dinner.)

I just wish I had taken my camera with me on our first walk out in the neighborhood since January (we've had a lot of snow). I could have showed you the Christmas tree I saw emerging from a snowbank at the end of a driveway.


  1. I love the papers you have chosen! Thanks for stopping by my way!

    ps -- I blogged while making dinner tonight. :)

  2. I really liked your cards! Great job!

  3. Thank you! I hope to get those posted up later today, or maybe tomorrow.