Things To Do

I have been on a shop tear here now for the past two days, and I have one more to go. I think that when I've created a bunch of stuff and am in the process of listing it, that's what I'm thinking about and that's what I want to share. So, a little bit more of my new stuff today, then there will be a nice shop interview with Becca and Mars tomorrow, and then maybe we'll move on to another recipe or something similar.

As it is, today is all about the to-do list. I made one. Not of things I actually need to do, although I have one that is perpetually made, but one for people to use. My oldest and dearest friend is a wedding invitation designer. She has her own business and does most all of the work herself. When she has a lot of clients at once and has many, many things to get assembled all around the same time, I go over and help her put them together. It's a pretty fun time- we chat, have snacks, listen to music, and get to play with paper that other people have paid for.

I was there last week and while I was standing at my table, adhering layer upon layer of lovely wedding invite, I noticed a to-do list page on her desk (completely full and into the margins, of course) and asked her if she designed it herself, which she did. So I said, "I think I'm going to steal that from you." And so I did, sort of. It would be no fun to make exactly what she made because then it wouldn't be my own, but I was happy to take the idea and run with it.

When I got home that night, I wanted to work on my daily treasury for the next day and proceeded to come up with More Ideas Than Time. I had actually seen the print with those words on it earlier in the day when I was searching for a new team to join (another story for another day). So between that and the overloaded to-do list, I had my treasury idea, and plenty of ideas for my own to-do list.

I ended up making to-do list cards. They are printed on cardstock so they are thicker than just your average list pad. I know my own lists get lost, crumpled, spilled on, and so on, so maybe the thicker ones would stand up to rough treatment a little better.

I wanted to add a tag line to the bottom, and with all of the "More Ideas Than Time" images running through my head, figured humor would be the way to go, and that that line would be true of anyone who would actually use my cards. I started with green, but then thought that people might want another color so I ended up making them in four colors.

I got them listed today, with the option to mix-and-match colors or have them printed in another color entirely. I like to give choices. You can check them out here. I think they'd be fun for anyone who keeps a running to-do list, like a busy mom, a teacher, a business owner, and so on.

As for my own to-do list: Go through the closet and rid myself of clothes I've had since high school. Yes, they are still in there. Measure the wall in the toddler's room to see if the bookcase I found online will fit. Try and sew new fabric onto the dog's collar where the old fabric ripped. Get a haircut. These (and more) are all things that have been on the to-do list for awhile and I keep forgetting to do them because other things (laundry, dinner, shop work) are more pressing, or they are just too time consuming for the time I actually have to do them. What's on your list? I know you have one!


  1. I have to write everything down or I forget to do it. I keep a day planner and I write down tasks for the day job, and then I add stuff for my Etsy business at the top. And it goes with me everywhere. Ha ha.

  2. Very nice lists...I keep mine on the back of used envelopes, which is definitely not as stylish. : )

  3. I have to write everything down, too, or it's certainly to be lost. I started keeping a list nearby so if I think of something that I want to (eventually) get to, I won't forget it a few minutes later. :)