Project Dog Collar

Sorry for the title, but I am a huge Project Runway fan (when is it coming on again?? anyone?), and my latest undertaking made me think of the show. I am not the greatest sewer- I don't like to use pins because they just get in my way, and I'm not the best at making a perfectly straight line with the sewing machine- but I can get the job done when need be. I have made basic curtains on many occasions, and since having the toddler, a scarecrow hat and an Indian costume have been successfully completed. So I thought, revamping my dog's collar should be an easy and fun project. And it was, for the most part.

Let me back up. This is our dog, Casey:

She is a two and a half year old standard poodle, though she is small for her breed. We rescued her when she was 10 months, finding her on (Don't click that link unless you want to get a dog! The cute faces and sad eyes will get you!). This was her photo:

What a lady!

And so, with that, my husband determined that this was our dog. We love her. Adore is probably closer to it. The entire extended family thinks she is just the sweetest dog, so it's not just us. Here are some things about Casey:

1. She does not like to get wet, but will patiently have a bath. I think she secretly likes the attention. When she gets done, she runs around like a complete idiot in a maneuver best described as "the after-bath stupids".

2. She is a complete bed hog. The very few times she has been allowed to sleep with us, we have found that she gets right up close to you, and if you try and move over to give yourself space, she scoots over too. Thus, pushing you off the bed and taking it over for herself. Very clever.

3. She gets car sick on back roads, but made it all the way to Florida like this:

Anyway, when we first got her, she had this very nasty, dirty pink sparkle collar on. I am not a pink sparkle kind of gal, so we got her a basic black one, figuring it wouldn't end up looking dirty.

But then people started referring to her as "him" and I knew we had a problem. So, on a trip to Old Navy I found a cute green, white, and pink gingham print collar, which was too adorable and cheap to pass up. But, along the way, it has become abused. She is a sweet, loving dog, but she loves to play and isn't afraid to get a little bit rough and tumble. So here is the state of her pretty collar now:

This project has been on my to-do list for a long time, and I finally decided it was time to revamp. I knew I had some fabric I could use to cover up the old black collar. The one she has now is just gingham print sewed onto a pink collar. If Old Navy could do it, so could I. So I took the black collar apart except for the end hook:

I decided this would be a good print for her- not too girly, but still girly enough. This fabric was originally going to be an apron. Did I mention that I'm not the best sewer? I'm also not the most motivated.

I cut a strip of the fabric, ironed back the edges and sewed it down with the sewing machine. All went well, except for when I went to put it back together. First, I forgot how the parts went back on, so I had to look at the old collar for help. Not a big deal. But in sewing the double-layer at the end which holds the whole thing together, I broke the sewing machine needle (oops) and had to do it by hand. Also not a big deal, but not the most professional looking either. It's ok, though. She's a dog, and she's nice enough not to say anything about it.

Not bad!


  1. Not bad indeed! It is "brilliant" as the British say:):)

  2. The "after bath stupids" HA! I remember my childhood dog doing that. So funny.
    The collar is awesome. Great job!

  3. I loved your article! Our dog is the same way, bed hog and after bath stupid! Enjoyed the read and cool collar!

  4. That's a beautiful collar! And Casey is adorable! I love curly haired dogs. I'm glad you got the project done!


  5. It looks great! 1) I also have no intention of ever sewing anything. 2) So 4 years ago I made my doggy a collar charm (name and phone number) and he always gets complements on it! 3) Project Runway is the only reality show my husband loves (lol) and we need it to be back on, too!!!!

    and your pup is absolutely adorable :)


  6. Wow! I am impressed, that looks great, and what a super sweet pup!! And I love the term "after bath stupids." That is perfect. Our dog totally does that too on the rare occasions we bathe her. SO glad to have found your blog!