All Things Pumpkin

Even though we've hit a little bit of a humid warm-up here (happens every year) my mind has been on fall food.  My husband says there is no difference between warm-weather and cold-weather food, but I totally disagree.  Who wants a big pot of hot stew in July??  (Well, my husband does, but that doesn't count.)  In my opinion, there are some key ingredients to fall food; pumpkin and apple are two of them.  Mainly in the form of hot drinks and desserts.  Some things I have my eye on to make:

And this month Martha has a suggestion to steep tea in hot apple cider.  I'm drooling already.

Do you have any go-to fall foods?  Recipes you're gearing up to try?  Do share!

Happy Friday!


  1. Fall food is the absolute best!...but then I say that for every season. Guess I'm ready for some soup.

  2. WOW - That Pumpkin Spice Latte looks divine!!!!

    Joining you from the Etsy Blog Team....

  3. There is sooooo a difference between warm weather and cold weather food. I made chili last night, but definitely wouldn't have a month ago.

    You know my cooking skills are limited, so I'll probably be making a lot of soups again this year.

  4. You are making me drool. Fall foods are my fav by far. Love the aroma of sweet potato, pumpkin and apple pies cooking. There is totally a difference with spring/summer and fall/winter foods. WIsh I had something to share on this computer. Cannot wait to check your (yet to try) recipes out.

  5. oh my, swooning over the first easy is that oatmeal? i'm so getting the stuff for that! thanks for sharing kristen. And, as great minds think alike and of fall know I posted the recipe for W-S Apple Butter Cake today. So good!

  6. martha's suggestion sounds amazing, ill need to try it... If I could ever find damn cider in the grocery store! Does it suddenly not exist?! Ive been looking for the past three weeks... ugh. ill order off amazon. rant over.

    -rachel w k

  7. That pumpkin pie oatmeal looks so good! What a treat on a cold morning!

  8. OH those fritters look divine!
    The hard part is finding organic apples that don't put a huge hole in my wallet lol!

    I made sweet potato bread that was super yummy warm with some butter :) That has to be my fave so far.