It's Beginning to Look a Lot....

Ok, I couldn't help myself.  I started in on making Christmas items for the shop.  I know!  It's barely September (and really, how is it September already??) but I visited one of my favorite paper shops and it just happened: Christmas paper in stock and some of it was lovely.  I had to get some and do something with it.  Now, I do plan to do some cards and things like that, but I really wanted to try and come up with some new styles that would be stylish for Christmas beyond the standard greeting card.  So I came up with these:

These are ornaments that can hang from a ceiling or shelf, or if you are ambitious, your very large Christmas tree.

This one is a hanging garland, which, after talking with some people on Etsy, I've decided to offer as a completed garland or as a kit you can buy and make it yourself.  I've really been wanting to do something like that or printable pdfs, but I just haven't had the time to mess around with it, so I'm pretty pleased with having this option available.  Both of these are in my shop right now.

Is anyone else out there getting in the holiday spirit yet?


  1. I've been *thinking* about Christmas and I've actually purchased a couple of gifts already (I know, crazytown), but there's nothing in the shop yet.

    That garland is realllllly cute.

  2. Yikes. No, I can't think about Christmas right now. It's only just fall!

    But. You know. Cute crafts.

  3. Ive been excited for Christmas since the whole christmas in July deal. I. Cannot. Wait.

    Just keep the snow away this year

    -rachel w k

  4. Cute! I'm getting so excited for Christmas crafting! I'm in over my head with Halloween prep right now or I would be starting too!

  5. Oh I love it! The garland is pretty fabulous!
    If I didn't have a new kitten in the house who will only be...8 months old in December...I would have a tree but the little rascals try to climb it and tip it over! Garland we may be able to do so I'll have to keep this in mind!

  6. I love the garland! So cute. I like the idea of the kit too. Totally would buy that!

  7. The garland is too cute. Yes, that time is here. I just finished up my halloween and fall so next I work on Christmas.