Kitchen Gadgets

I am not huge on kitchen gadgets.  And by gadgets I mean all those things that are supposed to make whatever task it is handier and easier, but never really do.  You've seen them- the various holders/slicers/arrangers in all those fancy kitchen shops.  I always wonder who buys them and if they actually get used.  However, I have come across a few that are so wonderful and useful that I just had to share.

1. Olive oil mister (Crate and Barrel)

I would never have bought this, especially from Crate and Barrel at whatever ridiculous price it was, but I had a gift certificate.  And thank goodness.  This handy bugger is like all-natural olive oil Pam.  It is amazing to spray pans with, and even better when it says, "Brush said piece of chicken with olive oil...." Nope! Just pump this up and spray a nice even coat.  Amazing I tell you.

2. Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker (Bed, Bath, and Beyond; other big box stores)

I swear I have used this every other day this summer.  You put the water in like a coffee maker, tea bags in the blue "filter", turn it on and viola!  Fresh brewed iced tea in minutes.  Fill the pitcher with ice first, and it's cold and ready to drink as soon as it's done.  I add a little sugar to the basket before brewing and give it a quick stir when it's finished.  Perfection.

3. Divided loaf pan (Bed, Bath, and Beyond)

This was a wedding shower gift I was so thrilled to receive.  I made a lot of quick breads (banana, blueberry, cinnamon swirl), especially around the holidays.  But sometimes you don't want/need/have the ingredients for a whole bread.  And you can't just make half a bread in a full loaf pan.  This solves the whole problem.  Divide a full recipe into four and give the breads as gifts, or make a half recipe and divide into two of the pans for mini loaves for yourself.

Are you a kitchen gadget master? Do you have one you just love?  Do you have some you never do anything with?


  1. I think I need that loaf pan! I always make a full loaf of bread and we never eat it all. Maybe if I make them smaller, I can freeze some?

    I love my stand mixer! Ok so it's not very different, but it totally helps me every single day. I think I would be lost without it.

    I have a list of gadgets I want to have.... eventually :)

  2. I love kitchen gadgets soo much! there was a day ((college budget days)) that I survived cooking with very little luxury, I remember my tall thermos doubled as my rolling pin, lol. Now I have difficulty closing the gadget drawer in the kitchen! And my pantry is lined with mini/small appliances. My favorite might be my rice steamer, most often used to hard boil our eggs.

  3. Never can have too many kitchen gadgets! I really do need that divided loaf pan!

  4. We have this awesome thing called a Pizzaz, and it's basically a rotating hot plate for cooking pizza. It's all open, though, so you'd have to be careful using it around kids.

  5. oooo that loaf pan is a great idea for christmas goodies to give away. I don't have many kitchen gadgets, as they usually are too pricey. I could not survive without my Bialetti espresso stove top maker though! mmmm

    -rachel w k


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