Do you ever find yourself in a creative rut?  Or, really, any kind of rut for that matter?

Last night on Twitter I was chatting with my pals Heidi of Rowhouse14 and Rachel of RWKrafts and what started out as a chat on the ridiculousness of the commotion over the Missoni collection for Target turned into a discovery that all three of us felt that we were in a rut or starting to get in one as far as our Etsy shops go.  The reasons are varied: work demands, family demands, low views, low sales, and so on.  And I know for me, it just kind of happens suddenly.  I'll be really productive and make new stuff, get really excited about it, list it, and then....blah.  Don't feel like doing anything anymore.  This particular rut-realization started yesterday when I noticed that a handful of my listings had expired and I didn't even know it was going to happen.  What have I been doing??  Oh yea....

So I was just wondering what puts you into a rut and how do you pull out of it?  Do you get a sudden inspiration to get you going again?  Do you need to have some free time by yourself to sit and work?  Do you plow through and keep making stuff even if you don't feel like it?  Do you just decide to give up for awhile until inspiration strikes?


  1. Sometimes I have to just walk away from what I'm working on. Most of my challenge comes with balancing my work time while being home with my children. Most days I have to work 5 minutes, stop for something and this continues all day. I am use to it now and try to motivate myself to sew each night once everyone is asleep.

  2. I have anxiety issues that pop up every once in a great while, and when they do, I find it kind of overwhelming to work on my shop.

    But that's not too often! Otherwise I get distracted by catching up on Teen Mom episodes, and now that Pinterest exists...

    As for how I get through it, I remind myself that I REALLY want to quit my day job, so I'd better get my lazy ass back to work.

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  4. I love that missoni got included in this post, my husband had some serious entertainment reading our 100 tweets about it lol! What I've been doing lately is making sure I craft something just for me, my family, or my home. I'm working on my halloween banner now (hopefully i can finish it and link up with you!) and I can't forget I started this for myself. Sigh. Etsy *shakes fist*

    -rachel w k

  5. Lol that is SOOOO me this whole week!! and lately I have been in a rut of my own actually, I think mines possibly due to the fact that I'll be out of town starting tomorrow for a few days and don't want to start anything (unfortunately including homework :( lol) till I get back.

    Hopefully this spell goes away after my mini-vacation :)

  6. I don't ever try to force it. I try not to wait to feel inspired. I try to figure out how to make it fun to keep going.