A Pledge and Some Sunshine

A pledge:

I promise not to purchase any more paper or fabric until I use what I have, which is plenty.  Plenty.  I need to become inspired and productive with what I have.*

*exceptions: blank note cards, envelopes, plain backing fabric such as terry cloth, or anything to do with a large custom order

Some sunshine:

On our latest trek to Lowe's, it was pouring.  And then it wasn't.  And then this happened:

Totally awesome!  It was probably the largest, clearest, brightest rainbow we've ever seen (so we agreed), and Gus got to see it, which made it even better.

And did you enter the giveaway yet??  An awesome print is just waiting for you!

Happy Friday!


  1. This is a terrific pledge! Good luck upholding it :) I know it can be so tricky for us paper people. lol You. Can. Do. It.

  2. way to go. you'll probably be amazed at what you can come up with what what you already have!

    also, thanks for your sweet words on my blog...and i love the honesty about cleaning out twitter and reader- glad to know it's not heartless, but healthy to do it once in a while (don't worry, yours isn't going anywhere off my list) ;)

  3. Maybe we could form a support group ;)

  4. We had to make the same pledge and it has been pretty great! We have been inspired with some new ideas to make with our fabric and to add in our store! You can do it!

  5. I love your pledge! I need to do the same! I'm joining in-- only envelopes and blank card stock for me. Other paper-- no more! I have too big of a stack of it with all sorts of inspiration waiting!