Have you ever been so involved in something in your life that you end up dreaming about it?

When the hubs and I were house-hunting, we were spending so much time online sorting through houses, looking at pictures, mapping them out, making appointments, that we both had dreams about looking at houses, and ended up waking up feeling completely unrested.  Presumably, our minds were still working while we were trying to sleep.

As we have been renovating our whole house, I've had dreams of picking paint colors, after staring at them and sorting through them for too many hours in a day.  Making our yearly drive down the East Coast to the in-laws in Florida, I will have dreams about driving.  And with my Etsy shop, I will be so involved in whatever I'm making that I then have dreams that I am working on something in my sleep.  This has been the case the past few nights as I have been making and listing new items, promoting them online, and doing some other networking.

What causes this to happen?  I've always found it bizarre, and wonder if it happens to other people.  Are you working in your sleep?


  1. so true ~ my mind seems so much more creative during the night (:

  2. That happens to me, too, but irritatingly it's about my day job and not my jewelry bid-niss. A couple of times I've woken up all freaked out because I thought I forgot to do something, but then I realize it was a dream.

  3. My work dreams are usually day job related too! Grrr!

  4. absolutely true...

    thank you for adding my art to your text :)

  5. I do that allll the time! The minute my head hits the pillow there is a list of "what do I have to do tomorrow?" followed by "what if I did/made this?" I do get some cool ideas in my sleep or in that gray area between sleeping and waking. I keep a notebook by my bed to write them down! Julia


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