More Printables

I really can be the ultimate list maker.  Especially if there is a big project ahead.  I like to have everything laid out in front of me, and I get total satisfaction from crossing or checking something off that's on the list.  So in an effort to add a few more printables to my page, I tried to think of some big projects that required long lists.

Both moving and packing for me have been a big deal and I need to be totally organized or I will forget the ten million things I need to do.  Given the fact that I have to pack not just for me, but for Gus and Casey the poodle too, complicates things.  Thank goodness the hubs is a packing master and doesn't require a list.  And moving.  What a chore!  The ultimate do-not-forgot-to-pack-this! project.  I hope they help.

(And if you do happen to print these and use them, or have printed the others and used them, let me know how they work for you. I have been too busy to print them for myself!!)


  1. I make a vacation list every time I travel! This is so handy.

  2. You're like me, I looove lists! What gets me is I prefer the hard copy vs. digital (ie cellphones, web apps, etc). Would be nice to link the two because I often forget.

  3. crossing off to do lists truly is the ultimate satisfaction. I hope your dog doesn't require too many suitcases!