The Big Reveal

Ok, here we go!  Even though we still need to do a few more minor things (hello, decor!) it's time to show off the whole master bed/bath project of lore.  Let's step back in time, shall we?

Thursday, July 7, 2011: I showed off our lovely masters, complete with blue wallpaper.
Wednesday, July 13, 2011: Demo and paint choices

And, oh yea, it's March 2012 now.  Yikes.

I actually never got a shot of the bedroom before we started, but I have the listing photo from when we bought the house.  It is not our furniture:

Yea.  Here's what we ended up with:

New paint, carpet, crown moulding, baseboards, closet doors, bathroom door (the old one was a full door that opened into and banged into the window), plantation shutters, and a ceiling fan to help move the air in the summer.

And the bathroom, which opened into the bedroom and into the hallway, like a little walk-through passage way.  There was a door in between the two halves to make a powder room when guests were over, meaning there were 3 doors in this tiny little bathroom.  We removed two of the doors to enclose the bathroom in the bedroom making it a complete master suite.

Yes, that is all brass hardware.

No more hallway door!

Where the door was, a built-in medicine cabinet with full mirrored door.

Hubs closed in the old closet with slider doors and built this instead.  The laundry chute is in the bottom.

Everything is new.  The bathroom was completely and totally gutted and the hubs (and I) did everything except install the shower doors.  We are so happy with this space and love to go in there to relax and get away from our grass cloth living room disaster.


  1. Amazing! and totally worth the wait. Makes me wish we started in the master before the rest of the house.
    Someday :-)

  2. Stunning! It's like a whole different house! I love it!!

  3. Love it! Looks so light and peaceful. You did a wonderful job!

    Blogging Buddies

  4. I absolutely love it! Such pretty colors:)

  5. turned out absolutely breathtaking. It's so calm & modern now. I love that you guys were able to custom build storage and laundry like that- lovely. And you know, it's good that you did the master suite first because your place to sleep and relax is the most sacred space.

  6. Wow it looks awesome! I love the shutters on the windows, and the crown molding along the ceiling. Also, the towel cubby is so cute. And your wall color is really nice!

  7. Wow, what an overhaul! You guys did a wonderful job. I love how open and light everything is now.

  8. You guys did such an awesome job! It looks fabulous! I especially love the plantation shutters. Seeing all of your overhauls makes me excited to get started on some other the other projects we are planning to do in our house. And of course it makes me more anxious to get our half bath finished!

  9. Wow, your place looks awesome! Looks like you're living it up in the Hamptons or something, like a cool beach house. Loves!

  10. LOVE IT. I can't believe I'm almost a week late seeing it, though! (Fail.) I think my favorite part is the little glass doors that go to the bathroom. They're so cute and they add a lot of character.

  11. This is just stunning... You turned it out breathtaking....all the shutters look so beautiful.

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